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  1. Young Money

    Selling my product on from Canada

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new around here so let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Austin and I live in Alberta, Canada. I have come up with a product idea I'd like to develop and am in the process of ironing out the gritty details so I can approach a Chinese supplier in the near future...
  2. ErikGladiator85

    INTRO Rollercoaster of Doubts and Emotions, but eager to learn

    Hello there. My name is Erik and I'm a 16 year old student from Bavaria, Germany (which might explain spelling errors. I apologize for that). I have been "Interested" in Entrepreneurship and that thought of liberty since the summer of 2015 - fast forward to autumn of 2017, a ton of...
  3. Roland

    Back after a few months... I've been busy

    Hi everybody, I haven’t logged in here in a while now but last time I did was to share a spreadsheet I had made for someone who sells stuff online on several platforms. He wanted a tool to monitor his earnings and I made him one. He was happy with it and I asked him if it was OK to share it...
  4. Laughingman21

    EXECUTION Selling on Amazon (attempt 24) and another eCommerce idea

    I’ve been thinking about putting together a progress thread for a few weeks, but having drifted very slowly from task to task, I think some form of public accountability could be useful in getting my backside into gear. Over the last couple of years I’ve attempted, with little success to sell...
  5. KnottedUp

    EXECUTION Right off the high dive

    I have no business or sales experience so this should be interesting. The only way to gain experience is to do it. So here I go. This first post will serve as a mile marker for where I'm at now and what I've decided to start. This thread will allow me to look back and review what I was...

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