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drop shipping

  1. Fastlane_boy

    I am From India 24 year old Stuck in life Need Advice

    Hey hi Fastlaner's I am piyush 24 year undergrad , I am single person no mom-dad, living In my sisters house. Have hunger to become millionaire , and willingness to learn, fail, get punched on face. I learnt spoting patterns of thumbnails and video topics which gets lots of views on YouTube...
  2. A

    Best Road To A Successful Dropshipping Journey?

    Does anybody do dropshipping with success here? I know SEO & copywriting and a little bit of web design. Also, I'm familiar with advertising platforms such as Google and FB, so that bunch of skills (even when not perfect) sounds like a great off for dropshipping. If you have found success in...
  3. T

    Need Feedback

    Hello seniors and fellow FASTlaners! I have developed a shopify site after some research and idea validation and would like your kind feedback on it. So if can spare a few minutes, visit my website and leave a feedback on the thread here. Thankyou!
  4. PeterMathews35

    Peter Intro

    Hi everyone, I just finished Fastlane Millionairre and have been consuming/reading entreprenuership content for the past few years. During Covid this spring I started my first E-commerce site and actually just made our first major sale last week. I work a full time job with a great company but...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    Why dropshipping is bullshit... (and why you should avoid it).

    Interesting article and kinda reflects what I've been saying for over a decade. And also why I don't like too many drop-shipping threads around here. While drop shipping is a nice "I need some experience" it is largely no different than joining an MLM -- crowded with wannabees, fake gurus, and...
  6. Jessie Blight

    A Dropshipping dream Empire!

    So hello again everyone! Since my last post just over a year ago a lot has changed, I’ve stopped smoking marijuana, I’m very close to passing my driving test (due to lockdown unable to yet) and I’ve completed a course in business studies at college. I am hoping to start university in sept...
  7. EssyLarsson


    Hi! Ok, so there may be some miss-spelling since English is not my main language. Is anyone doing dropshipping? I've had it as a full-time job for 7 months but I lost everything through Facebook Ads because I didn't know what I was doing. But now that I've studied Facebook Ads for almost a...