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  1. Danny_Cox

    EUREKA MOMENT: Is It Possible To Do The Impossible?

    Good morning Fastlaners, I posted the following yesterday after getting inspired by the "Astonishing Secrets" thread, in which @IceCreamKid revealed @Zen*******'s greatest lesson of all— LOVE THE HELL OUT OF OTHERS AND YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE ALL THE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EAT. Sounds great...
  2. Young Money

    Is Donating 10% of Profits to Charity too much?

    I’m starting a business with my spouse and she is adamant that we donate 10% of the profits to charity. While I am all for supporting charities and helping out the community, I am worried that such a significant financial commitment could limit our growth and make it difficult to compete with...
  3. foodiepersecond

    Video Game Speedrunning for a Cause

    I probably should have posted this earlier in the week, but the Games Done Quick group is hosting its biannual event with Awesome Games Done Quick. AGDQ is a week long 24/7 event in which pro gamers and streamers pick various video games ranging from classic Nintendo to more modern PS4 and Xbox...
  4. Lex DeVille

    Donation Influencer Marketing

    A couple months ago I ran an experiment with my secret YouTube channel (no that's not a hook, I won't be sharing that channel ever). I wanted to learn how livestream donations work, what the user experience is like, and what happens as a result of donating via livestreams from the perspective of...