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deep work

  1. envykyro

    Ultimate Focus: Do you work in a cafe?

    Hi my house is very busy and noisy , and as i type this ive been distracted of my main work to ask you, Do You Work Inside A Cafe? do you have any tips for better environment? specifically the idea that came to mind was a Cafe, if so... is there a particular brand of cafe you recommend where...
  2. Lochlan

    Deep Work Streak

    Hi I've been struggling with reaching my goals recently and commitment so Ive decided to try and build up a streak of hours of work done publicly and decided hefd would be the best place to do so, Heres what I want to accomplish in bold); I want to start a business my idea is to have a...
  3. SnowLava

    What is your opinion on hustle culture vs deep work?

    In regards to work, there are mainly two groups of people about how to work and for how long The first is the 'hustlers' - work every waking hour. sleep 4 hours. work more. on the surface, it looks like really bad advice, but again, it is promoted by businessmen like Gary Vee, Elon Musk (he...
  4. MaxT

    Boost your daily productivity

    Hello friends ! Today is a big day for me, I finalized my first version of my Google Chrome extension. This is an extension to improve concentration and boost productivity. If you want to take a look: focusLab And a more detailed presentation : A complete solution to maximize your productivity...
  5. MaxT

    Deep work method

    Hello, I heard about the deep work method and I would like to try it for my projects to see if it suits me better. The problem is that I love to listen to music while working, so I would like to know which music is better (ambient, without words, binaural sounds...?) And I wonder what do you...