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decision making

  1. DreamLund

    Last income in July. Decision

    ACTION FAKE - IGNORE THE THREAD... What feels like a stone in my stomach: I don’t like the thought of just having $700-800 in expenses every month so I need to make a decision of importance. Last income: 26th of july. Background information I’m 21 years old, from Sweden. Moved 625 miles from...
  2. HabitsCampaigner

    Having a hard time making a decision?

    @adnanazmi You asked, along with ChatGPT: The biggest one that is helping me I learned from Tony Robbins. It's a process for making big decisions. I believe he won't mind me sharing it since he often says "Take notes and teach it to others". This process has completely improved my day to day...
  3. N

    How to decide between heart and brain?

    Hello, So how does one decide between heart and brain when it comes to deciding what business to start. Some of you would have ready my previous threads about starting a perfume brand or a body care, skincare brand and my thought process on that. My heart tells me to start a perfume brand as...
  4. N

    Start a business based on decision matrix or gut?

    Hello, I have a business idea to start (very standard in a sense) retail business selling either perfumes OR body care, skincare products. When I did my Decision Matrix the Body Care, Skincare Business won by a few points but one of my loves has always been perfume so the idea of having my own...
  5. mazzonleonardo

    Business partner lies for 3 months on corporate money he spent

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm glad to be able to see other people who have taken up the fast lane and are helping each other to walk it the best way possible. I am making this post to ask for advice from people who have been in the game for years about a situation I am in right now...
  6. N

    Would you choose option 1 or 2 ?

    Hello fastlaners, I want to go fastlane and am still doing my research on business ideas. I'm a 24 year old french student currently finishing a Master 2 in law and management of cultural heritage (equivalent to a Master of Arts in the UK or US). I also have a law degree. I enjoy producing...
  7. mikecarlooch

    A "Do What You Love" DISASTER (Story)

    A "Do What You Love" Disaster This thread is for young people like myself, who grew up in the digital age. Those of us that are young, in our teens or early 20's have grown up in an era where hustle porn is constantly blared in our faces. "Do What You Love!" They say.. Constantly. We consume...
  8. N

    23 years old, 50k in savings, should I quit my job?

    Two weeks ago I did, what I wanted to do for quite some time. I quit my job. Yes that‘s right. I called my boss and told him I wanted to quit and 2 days later, I turned in my notice. It felt like such a relief at first. I did not want to waste any more time with this work so I felt very good...
  9. Cole227

    Full Time with Promotion, or Stay Part Time?

    I am 19 and working part time at my digital marketing job. (24 hrs/week) at 13 dollars per hour. The ecommerce manager / marketer above me has found a new job. I am the most fit candidate for the job. It would be salary of 40k a year and full time. I live at home and have saved enough money to...
  10. DMNinja

    I need to develop a model to believably weigh options: Input greatly appreciated

    I know I've not posted in a long while, but I went through a period of execution and reflection. Through that period, I have basically understood that it's much easier to systemize your decision making according to your own values. I know my values, yet I can't seem to understand how to weigh...
  11. S

    How do you personally shake off the feeling of making a bad decision?

    Dear Fastlane Members: Recently, I spent 24 waking hours making an experimental video. It was my first attempt at voiceover and visual comedy. It was a painstaking process to splice together clips that matched with the audio tracks. When was finally published, I was hit with utter...
  12. Breo

    Which way is the right way?

    Hello fastlane community, I thanked a lot about my situation and I hope that some comments on this thread can help others and me in my "new" beginning. Very short introduction, i am a nearly 22 years old mechanical student in Germany and my Journey started one year ago when I first saw a video...
  13. T

    What questions help you make your final decision?

    Hi everyone! I’m new to everything and have a few fast lane ideas in mind but am having trouble picking an industry to focus on. I know the books go into detail about decision making but was wondering... What are some critical questions you ask yourself/research when trying to make a...
  14. D

    Connections and their Endless Power

    Hello, This time I will give my thoughts on how connections impact the business world and that it is not always black and white when it comes to the helpfulness of them. As always, criticism is always welcome no matter how harsh. Now lets get busy. Intro Connections are an integral part of...
  15. Paul David

    Why am I on this earth?

    I don't know whether i'm having a mid life crisis at 38 or i'm simply not moving forward because of negativity and doubts. I realised not so long ago that there was something missing from my life, I've got a wife and two kids and no health problems. I work out. I've had my current business...
  16. A

    Is a software based solution possible to help people find a career they love?

    Four years ago I was working on a startup idea which was to create a social network for people who have similar passions so that they connect, support and share their knowledge, experience and resources with each other and help each other grow. While I was working on that idea I realized that...
  17. Chris McCarron

    What's the BEST business decision you've made? What's the WORST business decision you've made?

    I'm working on a new article and I'm looking for quotes answering these two questions: What's the BEST business decision you've made? What's the WORST business decision you've made? Make sure you drop a link to your website, profile pic and social media accounts because I want to help you to...
  18. Paul David

    Time for most important business decision of my life.

    Hi I won't start a long story as to why i'm in this situation (part of it is documented in some of my other threads) so I'm going to cut to the chase regarding a decision i need to make this week. My business model is the sale of physical products online via Ebay, Amazon etc. For last 13 years...
  19. Greg R

    What Precedes and What Follows

    This post is inspired by a passage that I read by Epictetus (a Stoic philosopher) today. It is about decision making and consequences of those decisions. When was that last time that you've made decision and actually took the time to think in-depth about what precedes and what follows that...
  20. Millenial_Kid5K1

    [HOW TO] NPV Tables For Making Decisions

    Hello all, I wanted to share one of my favorite tools for making financial decisions: Net present value (NPV) tables. What you can do with an NPV table: Compare two options where money is the only deciding factor, e.g.: Deciding what car to buy Deciding whether to buy a house or rent Deciding...