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david goggins

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  1. MTF

    HOT TOPIC Self-Empathy vs Mental Toughness - Which One Do You Find More Useful?

    It seems to me there are two main schools of self-development. One is closely aligned with spirituality, self-empathy, self-understanding, kindness, etc. If, for example, you're struggling to lose weight, you seek internal psychological reasons why. You try to understand yourself without making...
  2. TonyStark

    Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins

    Wow. Is all I can say. I was blown away by this book; by this man & his story. I'm drawing so many parallels by what he says and entrepreneurship. Here's the golden takeaway from this: "You can't have success without failure." In other words, you can't evolve, you can't learn, you can't...
  3. M

    BOOK REVIEW Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion

    Let's roll! Now a big best-seller, what do you think of the book? While I'm not shocked, I was unable to find a suitable format to discuss the book using this software, Xenforo. Another reason why I don't recommend Xenforo as forum software. So instead of discussing chapter by chapter (which...
  4. luniac

    OFF-TOPIC Book discussion Poll

    Yo... i can't believe this vote is even close, For fuks sake VOTE "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins!!! I'd love to hear some discussion from fellow forum members. Just finished reading myself few days back and this book got me spending a week straight 3 hours a day workouts after waking up. my...

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