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  1. AnasHarn

    What technology trend should one dive in for the next decade ?

    Hi everyone For a professional / entrepreneurship objective, I am looking for a tech subject to master in the next 2,5 or10 years to come. The idea is to become an expert in this field on the long run by focussing 100% in it. For the background I am an IT management consultant who come from...
  2. wyattnorton

    Data Analytics Agency

    An interesting business idea came across my table today. People are providing marketing, web design, YouTube shorts, video editing services, etc. etc. Has anyone had experience with OR even runs a company that specializes in data services? My buddy works for Capgemini, which is one of the...
  3. D

    Starting a consultant company and leaving corporate

    Hi all, I've been in corporate consulting (think big4) for quite a few years now, and I have gotten quite senior quite quickly. I've got an opportunity with some peers to start my own consultancy. Luckily I have a niche, with big money in it and a lack of it in the market I am in. I've got a...
  4. MaximilianTauber

    Opinions and experiences with Nathan Latka

    Hey fellow fastlaners, I currently need nathan latkas pro plan because I need his database for my SaaS idea. Does anyone else have experience with his database and community, or the pro versions and can give me some insights? Would be very grateful for any opinion in this direction!
  5. Scott Robertson

    Anyone Have Experience As A Data Reseller?

    Hey guys, I’m contemplating becoming a data reseller. I have a rather large network of potential clients who need leads on an ongoing basis. My question is whether or not this is a feasible avenue to pursue? Ideally, I’d like to hear from someone who has successfully gone down this path and can...
  6. Marpipe

    How to Test Your Ideas Without Building a Company First

    Hi Friends, My CEO wrote an article recently on how to validate startup ideas without spending the money on manufacturing first. In short, it's a process of using Facebook ads and “Fake Doors” (link removed). We specialize in creative testing, so we combined our methodology with the Fake...
  7. Lihan

    AI solution for businesses - can someone critique my value proposition and landing page?

    Hey all, I'm following Rcaraway's approach of building the MVP (really just the landing page) before the product. So this afternoon was my first time building my landing page, can someone give me ruthless feedback? Besides the landing page, how's the value proposition? The main idea: scrape...
  8. MatteoD

    What do you want from your business data?

    Hi all! Could you spare a minute to help me better understand which are the problems about data in your organization? If a magic pill would exist to solve your data problem, how the result would look like? (Do you even look at your data to optimize your processes? Do you have a data strategy and...

    Best technology choice for a Blog with optionally paid Posts

    Hi! I am currently conceptualizing on a sort of educational portal for Data Engineering. The idea is to have a site with a blog where I share tips, tricks, trends, insights etc. on the topic. Then, in a section called "Projects" I plan to give deep insights about specific projects from being...
  10. Galaxy16

    How do you store and backup data?

    How do you organize files? What folder structures? How do you archive large 4K videos? (or even 8K, because entrepreneurs can afford it). In what way do you utilize HDD,SSD,USB,SD,DVD,BD,CD,LTO and etc.? I need some advice because I feel unorganised when managing data. Entrepreneurs also...
  11. MarcoSto

    Data on how my habit building app improves several motivational variables (Scientific Study)

    Hey fellows, As promised in my intro - you might want to check it - here is some data of my yet unpublished psychological long term study on habit building. 15 months ago, I had...basically nothing but an idea for a study for my doctoral thesis: I wanted to help people build study habits to...
  12. T

    The Data Guy says hello

    So....hello to all forum members. I came across this site when browsing for real estate investor groups. As a data aggregator I'm always interested in learning the needs of real estate investors and anyone who thrives on sales intel. Hearing what makes people tick, their perspective on...

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