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  1. Johnny boy

    Do you get a lot of shitty customers?

    Do you have shitty customers sometimes, or do you please everyone? Do you have employees doing the work, or do you do everything yourself? Do you offer a service, a product, or something else? I run a home services company (lawn care), and we get a surprisingly high number of entitled karens...
  2. tracy14

    How to please customers while still gain sales?

    While I have more and more potential customers through SEO, PPC, Ads, social media and other channel, how to raise conversion rate is the biggest bomb in my mind. From all my limited experience, live chat is a great tool to support my business, please customers with much lower cost. We all...
  3. tracy14

    Three Main Benefits of Live Chat

    While your business is engaging with more and more visitors to your site through SEO, PPC, Ads, social media, display, etc., how to turn these visitors into customers is the second most important thing for your consideration. Live chat is a great tool for online customer support to know...

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