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  1. S

    Covid 19 Recovery planning

    As a IT professional I'm wanting to help others plan their way through to recovery from the year that has been 2020. I'd thought about creating a tool to help business make plans that focus less on the business as usual and more on the changes needed to recover, tracking what is working and...
  2. M

    HOT TOPIC Could CENTS have protected your business from COVID "non-essentiality"?

    I was just thinking today... A lot of businesses I see struggling today because of COVID lockdowns and "non-essentiality" do NOT follow CENTS. A lot of businesses who are still operating, and even THRIVING, follow CENTS. Does CENTS add another protective measure for your business in this era...
  3. Simon Angel

    How To Help This RE Business Owner And Add Vlaue During The COVID-19 Recession? (With Details Inside)

    I went to a meeting this morning with the biggest RE agency in my city - ironically the only one that wanted to meet up with me out of all the others I cold called. The business owner loved every second of our meeting, was thrilled I contacted him and would very much want to have me run Google...
  4. TCMorgan

    EXECUTION How I Hit 5-Figures Per Month in 90 Days During COVID-19

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've updated here on the forum, and I have had a WILD year so far! I'm going to share how I reached $10k+ per month consulting, how long it took me to get there (title might've been a spoiler...), and some insights into how you could pull this off, too...
  5. Tomipiccoli99


    Hi everyone Reading an article in an Italian newspaper, he said that there is a shortage of supplies referring to the venturi valves (elemental and vital medical equipment to mechanically assist patients with more complications and acute respiratory failure). These prostheses are made with 3D...
  6. W

    (COVID-19 idea) Fake moustache that scratches your face for you

    So I was on the bus in to work today, trying not to scratch my face, and that's when it hit me: An app-controlled, fake moustache that scratches your face for you, to minimise risk of self-infection with Coronavirus. The technology is already there(ish). Prestige models with increased range...
  7. Florian

    Is now the time to go all in?

    Hey guys and girls, I'm writing here because I need advice from experienced entrepreneurs for a crucial decision. Let me just come straight to the point: I left my old job 3 months ago to create my own business (shot #4 this time). Because of the risks and consequences of the Corona Virus and...
  8. million$$$smile

    HOT TOPIC My Latest Experience Selling N95 Masks

    I finally decided I would share my recent experience selling N95 particulate masks online. I really debated about this as I thought some would regard me of being greedy or taking advantage of people. And yet some of these same people don't mind finding a product on Alibaba and selling it for 10...

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