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  1. M

    Offering Copywriting Services For Free?

    Hello. I've been working and improving my marketing copywriting as well as recently getting into SEO and website copy. I won't go any deeper than that since that would be meaningless. My question for the forum is simply: Should I offer copywriting services for free to acquire knowledge? Since...
  2. M

    Copywriting Progress

    I've been writing advertising copy for a little while now but recently I felt the need to level up on the general quality of my copy. Below is a piece of a Facebook ad that I wrote a couple of days ago about a volcano air humidifier. Just wondering about general opinions as well as improvements...
  3. Black_Dragon43

    How To Create A 100K-1M+ Sales Funnel

    While this is a marketplace post marking the re-launch of my popular course “5-Steps to Create a Money-Making Machine”, by the end of this post, whether you decide to join my course or not, I will give you a full education (that you can take action on) about what it takes to create a 6, 7 or...
  4. Pertinacious

    Special order to Facebook advertising

    Hello, I'm in the middle of reading a great leads book and the more I read the more ideas I get for good (IMO) headlines and leads. But my question is this: Is there a good order for rolling out new campaigns or boosting posts? What have you tried out? I've already had some good results from...