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copyright infringement

  1. Robin Andrews

    Someone has stolen my website content - what should I do?

    I was searching for my content on Google and I found a link to a website containing significant amounts of my content, here Learn Python Programming And Computer Science Compucademy – Resep Kuini Following the links on that page revealed that many of my posts have been stolen and reproduced on...
  2. Richard Gao

    Is it illegal for me to use other products in my product?

    I am wondering if I can run into legal hot water if I use other products in my product. I know this sounds dumb but bear with me. I need 3 main components with my product: 1. Manuka honey 2. Medical adhesive tape 3. Absorbent bandage padding (the stuff you find in the middle of bandages) I...
  3. M

    O/T: FUNNY Now that's rich! (Give me permission to steal, puhleeze?)

    True Story... (@Chitown ) A) Random guy steals my audio-book and posts it on YouTube. B) My company files copyright complaint. C) YouTube terminates content and user's channel. D) The IP thief messages me and asks that I rescind my copyright complaint. He wants to continue stealing other...
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