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concept feedback

  1. fl_architect

    Product vs. Brand

    Hello, I have an idea for a physical product for a niche (Architects). It's a small item and relatively easy to produce, After getting some quotes from manufacturers I could produce them for about 2-3 € a piece. The sale price possibly would be in the 15-25€ range. I already started to make a...
  2. Navkun

    Stop stuttering on your zoom calls with ScriptOn - Concept Feedback

    Hi everyone, I've thought of this new SAAS idea and would love to get some feedback. It's called ScriptOn. A web app that would help people get through online meetings with ease. Its main goal/problem it's solving is removing the need to remember scripts and helping people in those times when...
  3. P

    Selling an MS Access file

    Hi all, For the past year or so, I've been involved in a hustle that has required me to stay extremely organized regarding various data points on a daily basis. Because what was on the market either didn't fit exactly what I was looking for or was far too expensive, I took it upon myself to...
  4. BestDayYet

    [FEEDBACK NEEDED] Business Idea: Content Repurposing Service

    Hello beautiful people, I'm reaching out to your all to get your opinion on my new (and only) business concept. I'm hoping that but getting the feedback of like-minded people, I'll be able to improve the business concept (against CENTS) and/or pivot into a better more polished version. It...
  5. KushShah9492

    Ideas for a marketing business

    I have a 3-4 year experience in the field of marketing and sales, with additional skills involving closing a deal, lead generation, cold-calling, building a sales funnel, etc. Can I start a business in any of the given field? Any other ideas to start a business in the marketing field?
  6. F

    Implementing Concept from Different Country

    Let's say you live in Germany and heard of a company in the US that doesn't exist here yet but has or could have a massive demand here as well. Would you actually go about starting to implement it here?
  7. J

    New Intro And Thoughts About Business Ideas

    Hello Everyone, I'm registered here for approximately a year now and reading more passively. I would now like to introduce myself again and in addition I have 5 digital business concepts, I would really appreciate your thoughts on them, especialy MJ. I can write all of them in a different post...
  8. Blake_Writes

    Porking with Purpose - A Dad blog

    Okay, here goes... I know, I know. Another blog - womp, womp. Hear me out! First let me provide a little value - @MJ DeMarco - Have you considered building a CENTS analysis worksheet? I think I would have paid, say $2, to not spend the time locating in the book, retyping questions, and then...
  9. M

    Best Way to Validate an Idea

    Hello everyone. I'm working on my business and I'm currently on the idea validation phase. I planned to survey 500 Facebook friends but I realized it's a mistake since (1) what if the plan doesn't work out and I have to validate another idea again. I wouldn't want to take some of their time...

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