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  1. dougie

    INTRO Grinding away, Dropping out, and Overcoming Comfort

    Hello, everyone. I am 19 years old, in the SEO industry, a Linux geek, and have a large passion for programming. It all started in early 2014. I hated school and the path I was set on. Having to get on that prison bus every day and be forced to absorb subjects that did not inspire me was a...
  2. Zellot

    FAILURE I've messed up

    So a little while ago I had this great idea for this Saas business. There definitely seemed to be a need. I could certainly use it myself, as well as a number of other businesses around me. A quick Google search showed that there was no-one else really offering the solution in quite as good a...
  3. Singh

    Comfort Zone Goals

    As we all know a lot things do not happen as we refuse to leave our comfort zone, often its our own limiting beliefs that stop us from taking action as times. As part of a mastermind group I am in we like to set ourselves comfort zone goals to help strengthen our mindset, I would like to share...

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