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  1. Harsha_14


    I'm very much interested to build an SMMA. is it too late for SMMA? I want to list my agency as an LLC. Is that a good idea? Is ghl good choice for me working from india. How can i get trust from foreign local businesses? i want to scale my business to 10k/month. any suggestions while starting...
  2. MaxT

    AARRR Framework : Another way to build a better SaaS, Apps, Website project.

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it has already been presented here but I thought that for people starting a project it might be useful to share this framework. To summarize, it is a framework to help you segment your project to improve the following points: Acquisition, Activation, Retention...
  3. J

    I don't want to fail due to poor execution!

    3 months from the launch of our new online service for Registered Accommodation Providers, I have to admit the grind is starting to set in. I know that there is no short cut here, but I have taken a day out today to reset my clock. We have had some great start out wins, and the concept has...
  4. MerleneNMS

    5 Key Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for Startups

    Digital marketing has dominated traditional marketing since the evolution of technology. Today, online presence is a must if you want your business to reach a wider target market and it is a cost-effective process unlike traditional marketing where you have to pay thousands or millions for TV...

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