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business opportunity

  1. T

    Blue Ocean Strategies/ Biz Models in 2022

    Hey, Wanted to get everyone's thoughts on some examples of 2022 blue ocean strategies/ biz models. What I mean by this are: the business opportunities today that will create the next wave of millionaires. Put differently, they are the opportunities that in 2025/26, people will look back on and...
  2. J

    Government Website Opportunity - Am I in Over my head!?!

    hey everyone... i have a acquaintance who is involved in my local town... he called me today and offered me to take on building and managing a website for our county. the website already exists so I am unsure yet if it actually requires a rebuild but that may be a possibility given the below. I...
  3. MasterFlashes

    How do you choose a business/project to pursue?

    I am sure you all have a ton of ideas circulating so I would love to see how you decide your projects to work on. Thanks for your time.
  4. SweetSuccess

    Skeptical but hopeful: Looking for feedback about a business opportunity

    I’m looking for feedback from someone who may have experience with this business opportunity. I have been presented an opportunity with Market America. I’m skeptical but my mom has been with them and so far has been doing well with them. I wanted to know if anyone on this forum has experience...
  5. RazorCut

    Still Struggling to Get Started? See Nothing but Bare Walls? Don't have a Single Idea?

    I started this thread as a response to someone struggling to find a business idea and thought it might help a few more people if it was in its own space. So this is for you if you are finding it difficult to get started. If all around you you just see blank walls. If you have no draw to a...
  6. M

    New Member intro

    Hello. My name is Maria and I joined this forum to network with other home business owners. I've tried various MLMs over the years but I wasn't successful. This summer I decided to invest in myself and my business. I changed my approach to my business through learning attraction...

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