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business name

  1. Kapton

    Struggling to come up with a business name.

    I've been trying to think up a business name that I love for over a month now (I know, it's crazy) but all I've come up is a few names that are good, but there are similar to them, such as: I bought, but there's a turkish company called, and that just pisses me off. I...
  2. MichaelCash

    please help me name the web site

    I am working on a side project, the idea is that it is going to be a kind of niche message board/classified ads website. Can somebody help me select a name for this project? I have several options in mind but it is hard to pick the good one, especially because all good domains are already...
  3. M

    Help me pick a food business name!

    Hello all I am planning to open a Shawarma food store in Manila. Philippines. I have some name suggestion. I would appriciate if you could help vote for a name. Any other name which is not in the list are also appriciated.
  4. V

    help with business name

    Hello my name is victoria and I have a vinyl cutter machine and have started selling personalized items for the last year. I'm ready to fully open to the public and need help with a business name. I make a bunch of different items, with more than one target market in mind. I make personalized...
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