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  1. Chiswickflaner

    INTRO Simple, hard truths

    Thank you @MJ DeMarco for the book (Millionaire Fastlane) and all this content. So much of your story resonates with my experiences. Your honesty, personality and simplicity are brilliant. I'm on my third business venture, first on my own now. I've been exploring how to create a fastlane...
  2. D

    INTRO Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur

    Hi my name is David. I have founded my company Pixel Logic GmbH in 2017 in Switzerland. I'm in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. I'm a service provider for small businesses who want to get started to use AI. My homepage: Home - Computer vision | Pixel Logic The last 6...
  3. Danny reds

    Digital Marketing

    Just looking for opinions. I have bought countless digital marketing products and learned a lot from them. I bought these products so i can instill the principles into my own business. I never had intentions of actually building a system to sell digital marketing until today. The idea of...
  4. Danny reds

    Do you eat what you kill?

    I've been in business now for 5 years helping business and individuals with tax debt to the IRS and the state. I've been in the industry for 13 years and i've seen a verity of different comp plans. I feel the comp plan for my sales department needs to change do to the competitive market. Do i...
  5. Paul Weese

    EXECUTION Real Estate Brokering to Fund Fastlane

    It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to compound my time and energy after being squashed by the Recession. I first read TFM in 2011 and have been referring back to it ever since. The years of 2010-2016 were unusually difficult - I can’t even put a finger on why other than my crappy...
  6. melissa_summers

    What simple tools helped you to boost your business?

    Guys, hello everyone! Perhaps everyone who starts a business thinks about various effective ways, is in search of interesting ideas and improvements (This issue concerns me so much). And I'll be glad to know what has helped you once to improve your business model?
  7. Olimac21

    Listening to customers and analyzing competitors

    I was wondering which are the best ways to listen to customers whether is in on a pre stage (before launching a product) and after the product has been launched. Which methods do you normally use? Focus groups-surveys? and how do you maintain consistency/high levels of customer engagement? I...
  8. Tweeve11

    First Meeting with Potential Client

    Hey Guys, I've been on the forum a while now, and have been following the teachings of @Fox (lol) as well as his thread and Facebook group and hustling my own web consulting business. I focus on finding mostly small to medium service businesses with high dollar sales (think elevator repair...

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