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  1. oku

    Beginning with the End in Mind - Morning Routine.

    I've implemented the life-changing technique of setting goals before bed -- 3 professional goals, and 3 personal goals. Any more and It'd be to stay busy (not what this is about). Be effective, not efficient. After all, spare time is the ultimate luxury. Consider two men who make $50K a year...
  2. Ksalazar

    How I went from not being able to pay for a cup of coffee to getting two contracts in two months tha

    This is my origin story I hope this helps someone I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys. I wrote it on medium I post daily there. Here is the link [link removed by mod]
  3. djcoax

    The Ultimate Guide To Reading Non-Fiction Books

    Small Disclaimer - This entire post can also be found on my blog. But this forum is definitely the audience for it. SO ENJOY :) The Problem With Non-Fiction Books If you like reading non-fiction and especially business books and "self-help" books you will have noticed that these books are...
  4. ChrisV

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    How this thread works... when you start reading a new book, you update it here. It’s nice to have a log of what everyone on the forum is reading and i’m sure it will spark discussions and recommendations. I’m also creating the Fastlane Bookclub on Goodreads where you can share what you’re...
  5. W

    INTRO The Fastlane menber

    Hi guys, My name is Stephane WATAT. I am currently reading the book "THE MILLIONAIRE FASTLANE". I devour every page of the book because I find it very interesting and opens more and more eyes to each page. I am fighting for my financial freedom since DECEMBER 2016. I have not yet touched...
  6. blackbrich

    BOOK Business Book Novel Recommendations

    I've noticed recently that I like business book written in novel form. They're a nice change up from the usual non-fiction business books I read. Examples Built to Sell, The Goal, The Phoenix Project, The Richest Man in Babylon. Can anyone recommend any business/investing books written like that?

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