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artifical intelligence

  1. B


    I am currently working for three tutoring companies and can tutor about twelve students in one week. I would like ideas as to how to develop this side hustle into a passive income business model. I am especially interested in the role the artificial intelligence could play in the new venture.
  2. MARV1C

    I am introducing myself to this wonderful forum & looking for people who share the same interests

    Greeting fellow members of the fastlane forum! My name is Ayoub, and I am excited to introduce myself as a new contributor to this great forum. I'm 18 years old, I am a passionate self taught web developer and the founder of a startup called Starsky AI. which platform utilizes advanced...
  3. Costa

    The First Prompt Marketplace... Wait, What?

    That's how you go fastlane with the "AI Revolution", no making shitty blog articles or doing cringy youtube faceless channels
  4. DCG

    Should I Continue with Web Design or Learn how to make AI

    I've been looking into AI and chat GPT recently and It's crazy, I know that I can still make money with Web Design but I'm not sure if I can leverage that skill because of AI. I could maybe use AI to get more done, would have to figure it out though. I'm still committed to web design but I feel...
  5. T

    Most extraordinary tools in AI

    Hi all, I'd creating this post in the hopes that you could provide your feedback on the most extraordinary tools in AI out there, you're using in your business? - How has it helped you so far? - What do you automate and how?
  6. trylks

    How to find companies interested in outsourcing AI/ML?

    Context, feel free to skip it, it's mostly me talking to the duck, it is here only because it might be relevant for someone: I see many job offers in LinkedIn that are part of the SCRIPTED lifestyle, but I find it more and more challenging to deal with it. In particular, everything that is not...
  7. M

    Building a new Software for Artifical Intelligence

    Hey guys, after I read the two books from MJ at January of this year I realized that my business partner and myself were on the wrong path to build a business. I am currently 23 years old and since my 18 birthday I tried several businesses, some were a little bit successfull but at the end all...

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