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analysis paralysis

  1. ghostscout

    repost of an idea i want thoughts on if anyone has the time

    i had a business idea which is similar to this website Art of Play is a Modern Wonder Emporium, a Place to Discover Magic basically the website just sells stuff that people make like individual small time artists or youtubers or whatever else, it raises attention to those peoples stuff and if...
  2. Prince33

    Fastlane routes: Stability vs Risk?

    Basically, after several failed ideas. Leaning and failing. I have realized that the hardest part in going fastlane isn't following a formula, prospecting, getting leads etc. It's the startup process. And not the startup process in the business/fastlane method. But the startup to the startup...
  3. Prince33

    So many possible vehicles to drive down the Fastlane, I'm overwhelmed.

    The purple Jag, Silver Aston Martin, Yellow Ferrari. All good options, but I can't pick which to drive. (TLDR below.) Hey guys, I'm new to the fastlane but I've read the books each twice and still going over them as it's so much good inquisition. I know, I know, new guy starting off asking...
  4. A

    Graduating soon, at a crossroads

    Hey all, I posted this in another subsection of the forum, but I thought this subsection might be a better home for the post. I just finished up The Millionaire Fastlane, and I don't think I've ever read a piece of literature that spoke to me more than this book. To give you a brief...
  5. A

    Graduating soon, at a crossroads

    Hey all, I just finished up The Millionaire Fastlane, and I don't think I've ever read a piece of literature that spoke to me more than this book. To give you a brief background, I'm a math major at a top state school in the US, graduating in December with a 4.0 (which I'm aware in this forum...
  6. Vadim26

    Joining fastlane. Introduction. In the “Idea stage” and terrified to start

    Hello insiders and MJ, here is the short intro about me with highlights: ——— 22-year old International student residing in Vancouver B.C., Canada. Originally from the coldest city in the world, “Yakutsk” (Russia), where I’ve spent my childhood and high school years. Been competing in swimming...
  7. PizzaOnTheRoof

    How To Stop Seeking Permission/Validation?

    I'll try not to get too sappy, but this is something that I have struggled with forever. I can never start or buy anything before it is validated by other people. Whether it's starting a business or making an expensive purchase, I always have the urge to seek out other people's opinions before...
  8. rsj

    Back on track after first failure / How do you guys deal with failure

    HOT! FTE 
    A couple of months ago I started on my first venture, I am not going to go into detail on what it was but it was basically e-commerce. The bottom line is that the product wasn't selling. I was spending a lot on advertising and no customer. After taking it in as a failure I began to slack off and...

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