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amazon account

  1. LPPC

    Amazon account deactivated

    Dear people, In 2020 I opened an Amazon Germany seller's account for my business located in The Netherlands. My account got deactivated before I listed any products, because Amazon most likely thinks I have a mailbox business/ no legitimate business in The Netherlands. Amazon representative...
  2. H


    Hello all! I am currently finishing up prototype testing for my very first product in my e-commerce store, and I'm now trying to get a quote on 1000 units of my product, so I can begin selling. Although I eventually will have my own website for the brand's products (commandment of control), I...
  3. Saad Khan

    Ask Me Anything About Amazon PPC

    So I've been thinking about creating this thread a long time ago because I noticed that there isn't a dedicated thread for Amazon PPC on TFLF. It's sort of a mini version of @biophase 's thread, except it will be more focused on how you can use Amazon PPC to your advantage. (You can also ask...
  4. D

    Nice opportunity for Amazon Account Owners

    I have been working as a go-to for seller account reinstatement for a while and have kept a sharp eye over simple but devastating mistakes that can ruin a seller account. I intend to stick to my plan of helping people out in this regard relieving them of handling the operations. This is a shout...