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accountability partner

  1. Lex DeVille

    Lex's Digital/Physical Product Group Accountability Thread

    See this thread for more information on the what/how part of what we're creating in this thread. Accountability I decided to hold myself accountable for one year on my latest idea. I'm doing it in this thread in case you'd like to join in for group accountability. Goals: 1. To create and...
  2. darkomind

    Family recipe to food business [Progress Thread]

    Hi all, I'm reading Escaping the Rat Race and new on this forum. I recently read Yula's Fastlane Journey thread and got inspired to write my own. I will do my best to update this thread every weekend. I'll structure my thread in three sections: :star: Weekly personal goals: namely sports...
  3. L

    Looking for serious improvement and accountability? Join the mastermind group!

    Hi, hope you all had a great start into the new year! A short introduction to myself: I'm 29 yo and based in Europe. Since 3 years, I'm a full-time business owner and managed to build a small team within the last year. I'm looking for like-minded people to form a mastermind group (max. 4...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    Need an Accountability Partner? Find One Here...

    Feel free to use this thread to network and find accountability partners. It is also best to post your closest major city as well as any request... I just posted a text on this in the Unscripted Text Network... (Yes, I see the misspelling.)
  5. SweetTooth

    Find and search for accountability partners

    Hey there, Do you want an accountability partner to keep you in check and force you to stop procrastinating? I'm looking for someone for that. Another fastlaner that can help keep eachother on the right path to success and makes sure we're accomplishing our daily goals towards the fastlane...