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  1. Yoann

    INTRO Palm oil market

    I would advise not to go in this market. It's held by a few people who don't give a damn about environment, and taking part in this market won't bring you anything good as its not bringing value to anyone. It's just chasing money and giving up everything else, ethics more specifically.
  2. Yoann

    INTRO Yoann, 41, a frog lost in the darkness

    Hello happy people, Just some news to tell you I'm still alive, I finally quitted my job and I have started to move as an entrepreneur. I am starting a company to help parents to find toys and tools for disabled or autistic children. I want to propose the best tools for their children that will...
  3. Yoann

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I read the Millionnaire Fastlane a few months ago. That's where everything started for me ! Thanks MJ. Really.
  4. Yoann

    INTRO level 100 warrior coming through ;)

    Hi Mich4el, welcome ! That's funny, I used to be a level 100 warrior in WoW too... and well, I'm a bit ashamed to admit it but, I had 12 level 100, every class maxxed up, I spent litteraly years in this game, but now I'm done. I understood I lost precious time playing this (amazing) game and I...
  5. Yoann

    INTRO Hello guys, time to do it.

    Don't worry mate, we're not all native english speakers :)
  6. Yoann

    How I Generated $21K In Profit In 1 Month For a Client Using Facebook Ads

    Thank you Mac, that's very valuable information !
  7. Yoann

    INTRO I'm gonna be a dad.. Did I just lose the Fastlane?

    Congratulations ! If you can be a great father, being successful in your professional life will be easy as hell. To tell you a bit of my story, when my wife was pregnant, I really freaked out, I wasn't ready to be a father AT ALL... I really like to be at peace and lonely, I'm the kind of guy...
  8. Yoann

    INTRO Yoann, 41, a frog lost in the darkness

    Thank you David, indeed, there are many very interesting people out there !
  9. Yoann

    INTRO Yoann, 41, a frog lost in the darkness

    Hello everyone, Thanks for your all your nice messages ! I already feel I made the right choice coming in the Fastlane Forum ! You're right, thinks are changing in France and I guess it's the right time to make a move. That's why I said I'm a bit lost, that's because I don't really know in what...
  10. Yoann


    I've read both books from MJ DeMarco, The Millionnaire Fastlane was a punch in the face, UNSCRIPTED was a kick in the balls. After reading them, there is no turning back to your old self. You're someone new for sure.
  11. Yoann

    INTRO Yoann, 41, a frog lost in the darkness

    Hello everybody ! Thanks for reading my introduction, I know I'm another random guy for now, but let's get started ! Let's start with what sucks with me : I'm French. Yeah, that I know what you already think : "This guy won't speak proper english in our forums, he'll be rude and I'm sure he...

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