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  1. xy2_

    EXECUTION Software freelancing to freedom in 3 months

    It's a great course which is up to date and helped me learn very quickly. They also have a object-oriented programming course with Java. Thank you for your comment. I'll make my vision a reality. Catching up I'm making this post now, but I started last Friday. Where do I stand? Value bomb My...
  2. xy2_

    EXECUTION Software freelancing to freedom in 3 months

    I'm Hugo. I'm 19, French, and I want to become a software engineer and data scientist. I wish to use the skills I gain along the way to help people & businesses and add value. For the next three months, I'll be freelancing doing software. Why? Recently, I was accepted to an software...
  3. xy2_

    EXECUTION Lex DeVille's - Journey To Doctor

    Hello Lex, I wanted to share how I feel about this. I ended up valedictorian at a 2-year undergraduate program (called a DUT in France) in CS. Very often the same thing you described here happened. One notable experience was when the entire class was struggling in a course. I did my thing and...
  4. xy2_

    Freelancers: Think Strategically - Prove Yourself First, Then Get Paid

    Thank you for your well-written post: it's a good reminder that you need value first. I got started recently on Upwork with this strategy. I put myself out at 5$/hour, and found a job in data scraping that paid 20$. The catch was that he included the page where he asked to scrape data from. I...
  5. xy2_

    OFF-TOPIC Fake Coronavirus blackhat affiliate: "stay at home and make $100 per day"; have you seen similar?

    So I was watching something on Youtube and while reading the comments, came across this: I was curious, because usually comments like these don't get many upvotes. After clicking, we learn that we can learn the secret, too: [ link] The site has little notification, a spot...
  6. xy2_

    INTRO One step above

    Hello, First, I want to say thank you for this forum, and thank you for reading this. This place is a goldmine of people and experience, and I hope I will be able to add some of mine. I'm writing after reading Fastlane, so here's a little about where I come from and what I do now. My family...
  7. xy2_

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I read the book. It's excellent and shifted a lot of my mindset in how I approach life.

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