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  1. Victor Cezar

    How to deal with a massive leads and qualify them.

    OMG thank you very much. There is a lot of value here. Hold my like :D I will have a meeting with a partner this next Wednesday, until there I will be checking this solution that you provided me and I will give a feedback. Cheers
  2. Victor Cezar

    How to deal with a massive leads and qualify them.

    Thank you for your help. We have a partner, which hosts our website and make any maintenance that we need. Yesterday I thought to have a meeting with them this next Monday to see if they can make a more complex form that would do what I said in the last post. In meanwhile, today I will...
  3. Victor Cezar

    How to deal with a massive leads and qualify them.

    It is a complex qualifying process. Let me write down in more details The lead arrives to my LP and fulfill (typing) these boxes: 1. Name 2. Email 3. Birthday date 4. Phone number 5. City of his property 6. Address of his property 7. If he has the documents of the house...
  4. Victor Cezar

    How to deal with a massive leads and qualify them.

    Well I promote my campaings to my main landing page where the lead fullfill 12 boxes that will be sent to my e-mail. From my e-mail I upload de data to an excel file where I organize my leads and qualify them. I take the phone filled in the landing page form and I send a message to my lead...
  5. Victor Cezar

    How to deal with a massive leads and qualify them.

    Thank you for indication my Zapier doesn't work with whatsapp :(
  6. Victor Cezar

    How to deal with a massive leads and qualify them.

    Hello Guys! First of all, sorry for my English it is not my native language. Second, sorry for do not posted for so long time but I did this because I was focused building my business. Well last year I started a fitness food business but things in the end didn't go right. I've learned a lot...
  7. Victor Cezar

    EXECUTION My Food Business Process

    Hello Guys, I am here to update my progress since my last post. February was my best month, we duplicated my revenues and I felt very excited because I start to feel that I can double my revenue every month :). Following this situation, I had problems, I doubled my orders and doubled the...
  8. Victor Cezar

    EXECUTION My Food Business Process

    I will update what I learned so far. I've been giving a lot of excuses to myself to do not do or delay things that I had to do. Once I realized that I could do them even if it is not in a professional way I could get results which guide me to improvement I got 3 new customers these days and...
  9. Victor Cezar

    HOT TOPIC Any ideas on how I can stop being a shitty person?

    try ayahuasca bro, I saw person get rid of depression and anxiety with this.
  10. Victor Cezar

    EXECUTION My Food Business Process

    Hello Guys, In first instance please apologize my English, it is not my mother language. I’ve been here few months ago trying to figure out what to do with my professional life. Well, in that time I was still in my suck end job in a dead end corporation. I was earning a good money but after...
  11. Victor Cezar

    Stories about success to remember how awesome you are.

    Hey guys, I want to make this space for you share all your important (or not so important) stories of success. Don’t need to be linked to entrepreneurship, can be anything that you can be proud of. List all of them and when you get a bad day that you cannot feel so much confidence in yourself...
  12. Victor Cezar

    NOTABLE! In the fastlane and looking to go even faster!

    Wh What are the top 5 books about SEO that you already read?
  13. Victor Cezar

    INTRO My Life Is a Mess -- And there's no "motivation"

    Hey bro, I understand your side to be totally lost and afraid of what is ahead in the dark... But take this one, the world will not stop because you are suffering... people will not stop to tell you how poor you are... I congrats you for your courage to be open this situation for us and about...
  14. Victor Cezar

    O/T: HEALTH Would you like some mold with that?

    this is disgusting, this made me think about fast food... the case there maybe is the worst
  15. Victor Cezar

    How your mind works?

    Thanks for your amazing reply, it was very inspiring. I see how everyone has its own way to learn something. Even when we talk about senses, I am very good at vision and listening but there are people who need to close their eyes to get more attention to the topic. The point as you said is...

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