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    RANT The #1 reason why Brick & Mortar businesses fail.

    I must say that I have experienced poor service in big clothing stores so many times now that I've given up on them. And I genuinely wanted to buy, and buy fast! When I used to go to buy clothing, I'd go into one of the big stores because they have a large range and are usually cheaper. Thing...
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    Is the Law of Attraction real or is it BS?

    One thing you can say definitely say about the "Law of Attraction" is that it is very polarising. There are believers and non believers and very little middle ground. Their will be a group of people with proof that it works And another group of people with proof that it doesn't
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    Perfection getting in the way

    I studying day trading after I got out of home automation, because it seemed fast lane with few moving parts. All newbies (myself included) have dreams about making millions in the market, then after a year or 2 you become more realistic about what you can make. Huge learning curve and one of...
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    Perfection getting in the way

    Thanks for the reply man Gives me hope. I've really enjoyed reading and studying the MFF in the last month. It is getting me thinking about what to do in my next business Partnering with a manufacturer was a bit out of my league a the time. I did look at partnering with the bigger audio shops...
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    Perfection getting in the way

    With the most recent business that I ran ( A home Automation business for 3-4 years) I found that trying to get each job perfect just killed me. I spent an enormous amount of time supporting all the big jobs that I had done. I really wanted to get them flawless. This just was not possible. Their...
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    INTRO Hungrier than ever

    Thanks man. That video is really good. To fail that many times and keep going. Now that is drive Yes it is a tough balance when you have to work to pay the bills whilst trying to run or start a business.
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    INTRO Hungrier than ever

    Hi guys, My Intro I’m in my forties now and have had a go at 4 or 5 different businesses so far. I have gotten out of, or failed in all of them so far, for various different reasons. 1. House Renovations business – no money in it. (Flipping may have been better) Way better money in IT...
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