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    Can an entrepreneur ever own a dog?

    Can get your dog fix without owning, that way you can manage your time better. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, or sign up on uber style dog sitting sites. That way you choose how much time you are giving and when it works for you. Am sure there other options.
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    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    From Dusk till Dawn
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    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Came across this article, was an interesting read for me. Talks about the world shaping towards Serfdom and Neo-feudalism. How Climate, C0VlD-19 and the Great Reset Are Taking Us Back to the Middle Ages | C2C Journal Enjoy!
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    Videogame startup idea help

    Maybe I'm not understanding what you are asking for, from what I understand crowdsourcing like is the answer to what you want. 1. You put up your game idea with the budget you need to complete the project. 2. You give different rewards based on the level of funding different...
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    Videogame startup idea help

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    Videogame startup idea help

    I've seen money raised for games on kickstarter, maybe something to look at.
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    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    I don't see the sad story everyone else seems to be seeing? He was happy living his life, his wife wasn't. They were put in a tough situation and her true colours showed. That is better for him to find out sooner than later. Today he has a loving partner that is more inline with his lifestyle...
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    Is Calorie Counting model really flawed?

    Counting calories is the "unscripted truth" all these "diets" are just ways to eat foods that will fill you up and have lower calorie counts. You know how many calories are in a full head of lettuce about 100. So of course when people switch to the keto, paleo etc.. they will see results since...
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    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Watching this makes me think how this is a great example of how psychology/behavior shaping and government works. If they wanted more people to use the stairs, they could have shut down/removed the escalator. 100% stair usage at the expense that it would cause people to be upset. So by giving...
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    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    "All these companies" really boils down to these few companies.
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    How to stop getting abused by people?

    For these types of situations: 1) When you hold yourself to your own standard, you won't care what other people say. 2) Extremism begets extremism. Chances are, you have more to loose than most people that are this clueless. Why waste your time and/or put yourself at risk. ie: shoving...
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    Well... I'm officially a Millionaire

    The post I think being mentioned was on page 6 when I went looking for it:
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    Reddit r/WSB bankrupts Hedge Fund using Robinhood

    I find this whole Gamestop topic fascinating. If I understand the basic math, the investment company has to buy back 140% of Gamestop shares by a certain date. With the number of Gamestop shares being just under 70 million, would mean buying back about 100 million shares. The investment...
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    Kevin O’ Leary says investing $100 a week will make you a millionaire by retirement

    When you ask different questions... View:
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    The Undercover Billionaire: Building a $1m business in 90 days

    Pretty entertaining so far. Grant, Monique, Elaine all seem to be moving a lot faster than Glen did in the first season. Which makes it a bit less dramatic, yet still interesting. Would be nice to see a graphic comparing the three as they go along every episode. I thought Grant definitely...

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