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  1. Strm

    What are the different types of business models and how do they make money?

    I think if you google these topics, you will find tons of answers. Long story short - offer value and get money for it. Copywriting - you are good with words and other people are not. They will use your service for maybe something like business purposes, product texts, copy for website, blog...
  2. Strm

    Launching and Ranking a product on Amazon [Execution Thread]

    Thanks for the detailed thread! Will be following. Wishing you the best!
  3. Strm

    Should i proceed with this execution?

    If you have no previous experience, I would say go do this one until you get some feedback from the market. Right now you should learn about business as much as you can and I am not talking about books and courses. Get your hands dirty and start it. New opportunities will come as you go on.
  4. Strm

    Is reading pirated books ethical?

    Sorry, I don't know why but this actually sounds hilarious in my head and makes me want to try it
  5. Strm

    Feeling nervous....but I gotta push through anyway.

    It is so perfectly normal to feel anxious and nervous. We are all human. Being a business owner is not for everyone. If you push through those feelings and jump in, it might be for you. If you don't, well you know the answer. All I can say, it is not going any easier if you delay this. Go do...
  6. Strm

    I got the idea, what now ?

    Maybe we could help more if you'd elaborate a bit? Is it a service or an e-com idea for example?
  7. Strm

    Jealousy made me take action (Introduction)

    While I do agree it may not be healthy to try and prove a point to other people, I have to say this fuels me a bit as well. My ex's family is like a family for me as well because we were together for a long time. Her sister is like a sister to me and her sisters bf is one of my best friends. So...
  8. Strm

    How to see if an Alibaba company is reliable?

    Maybe @Walter Hay can help you with that!
  9. Strm

    It's a great day to be alive

    Thank you @Johnny boy ! What a great and simple post from you. I tend to build mazes in my head and over-complicate things so I'm gonna pin this link as a reminder. Life is beautiful and simple if we choose to understand that it is.
  10. Strm

    Hypothetical Question: How would you make £1 million in the next 12 months?

    Would be interesting to discuss if you had actually shared your ideas in the first place, no?
  11. Strm

    Slowlane garbage at family gathering

    You just do your thing, bro. :smile2: And try not to critize people for their actions and opinions - in the end it's their life.
  12. Strm

    Post all of your product ideas, business ideas and random problems you have that you’ll never do anything with

    A flower pot that changes color according to the moisture level of the soil so people will know and remember the ideal time to water their plants.. or maybe they already exist :) just popped in to my mind Edit: or somekind of fancy indicator stick that does the same and can be sticked in the pot
  13. Strm

    What's Up From Finland!

    Moikka, neighbor! Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your business and best wishes from Viro! :smile2:
  14. Strm

    Need help with Marketing and Ads

    If you have some money to invest, maybe hire a so-called branding agency that can take a look at the big picture to make your company a more thought through brand overall? Also do you have any fitness influencers that you can work together with? Anyway, wishing you the best in your venture!
  15. Strm

    A new chance to do it right.

    I've had my laser-cutter for the last couple of weeks now. I haven't had much time to make something with it because of my curtain store orders and for the past week I've been home with covid. BUT! I just got my first order! The e-commerce thing I'm building is more or less in a kids/baby...

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