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    INTRO Hello from Germany

    Hey, Claudia! Great to have you around here - it's an awesome community! Tell us a bit more about your background, work and plans for the future? Are you a business owner or not yet?:smile2: Best wishes from Estonia!
  2. Strm

    INTRO Finally decided to join the forum

    Welcome! That’s so awesome! We have a similar WHY! I will definitely come and visit you there and walk the dogs too :)
  3. Strm

    At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    I think it's more like mentally. When did you START to get it together, not finish it. When did you start to see the world differently, when did you start to educate yourself more and work on your mindset, ditch the bad habits, start to work towards being an entrepreneur etc.
  4. Strm

    How do I keep the fastlane mindset?

    My current wallpaper - it is good to see it the first thing as I open my computer. My mind is well set towards fastlane and never going back but sometimes it is nice to have this extra boost. Even if it comes from some "cheesy" quote or a Lambo pic!
  5. Strm

    At what age did you start to get your shit together?

    I think it was when I was around 26. When I started to feel like a grown up. That was the beginning. I made a decision and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  6. Strm

    EXECUTION Brand Creation, my story

    Hey! Well done. I'm on a similar path, getting samples, designing, spending a lot of money etc. Also making a lot of mistakes but I'm pretty happy to make them actually! Great to read you're taking action! What part of Europe are you from?
  7. Strm

    Interview: Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the Inside Truth About Mob Life

    Not sure how was he a mob BOSS? I think he became capo in 1980 or so, had a biiiiig crew (even up to 500 associates), but he was never an official "boss". Maybe it's cleared up in the video (don't have time to check it now, just wanted to be a smart a$$ :D )? He made a lot of scharole though.
  8. Strm

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    BUMP! Thanks, @biophase ! What a valuable thread, especially for the newbies. I already have some experiences with Chinese factories and importing and now I'm looking to start with e-commerce as well. How much has Amazons policy and your overall strategy changed in the course of this thread...
  9. Strm

    Girlfriend pregnant on execution

    What to do? Start with being more careful and think before you act! That would be a good start. Then take your time and try to think all the angles with a clear mind. Other people have made these situations work. So can you.
  10. Strm

    INTRO Homeschool mom

    Hey! Welcome to the forum! Don't let the CENTS cripple you though. I've learned a thousand new things with my first project just because I finally started something, I'm more willing to start new things and I'm finding new ideas more than before, and this venture don't make totally CENTS. It...
  11. Strm

    My car flipping experiment

    Hey! Thank you for replying. That's funny because usually estonians go to Germany to buy and drive back to Estonia to sell :D I've thought about selling abroad but then it get's a bit more complicated but I wouldn't want to focus too much on this right now. Could be that I'm just lazy and not...
  12. Strm

    EXECUTION Just got my first product sale EVER!!!

    End of the month! Its time for a little overview. It has been a weird month. I had a lot of people messaging about the product but only a couple of real sales. I need to work on converting these people to paying customers, because they're obviously interested. I've had the most success with FB...
  13. Strm

    MEETUPS Belgium - 29th of June

    Hey! Sorry, no! Things got postponed and I am in Norway right now. Could be there in August though! I hope you have an awesome time!
  14. Strm

    Commandment of ENTRY

    I wouldn't say that you need a specific skill. It could be something that takes a longer time to start, is more annoying to start, needs different things to start, makes you learn more different stuff to start etc. The part "won't do" is probably accurate. It's just that YOU are willing go spend...
  15. Strm

    EXECUTION Just got my first product sale EVER!!!

    Hello again, slowlane! I arrived to Oslo, Norway tonight and will go to work tomorrow the first time in a couple of months. I'll stay here for at least 2 weeks. I can manage but I feel a bit sad. I will use this to fuel my actions towards Fastlane. I can't send out physical products because...
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