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  1. Peal

    Agency Agreement to Increase Product Range?

    Seems like the right move from a business standpoint. I would talk to an attorney next as there are usually legal considerations that can be easy to overlook with agreements like that
  2. Peal

    $4,000 Advertising deal yielding NO RESULTS

    How communicative have they been since you notified them? I've worked for several ad agencies and when something like this would happen, we would immediately do a technical audit. In an audit, we would check to make sure links were setup properly, the ads were clickable etc. By now, they should...
  3. Peal

    MARKETPLACE Andy's $15/mth Google Ads Bootcamp

    Andy, this sounds awesome. I will be signing up soon. Thanks!
  4. Peal

    O/T: HEALTH How To Become A Runner

    Awesome! Sometimes you'll look forward to a run, sometimes you'll dread it, but once you've done it, you'll never regret it.
  5. Peal

    O/T: HEALTH How To Become A Runner

    I looked back at old posts and didn't see many on how to get started with running. So I thought I would share some of the things I wish I had known about it before I started. For context, I am 32, and have been running 3-6 days a week for the past eight years. I was training for my second...
  6. Peal

    INTRO Diving In

    Welcome! It's good you know what you want. Just be careful of the p-word "passion." Your passion shouldn't be your driving force. You have to figure out what other people want, what problems they have, and develop a solution that delivers more value than what is currently available. Much...
  7. Peal

    W/S: SELLING Present a website to a client

    Staging is definitely ideal. Photos can present issues - they may not understand blocks vs pages. With staging they can click through and test it themselves. It also helps with the wow factor. That said, I like to review it with them on a call as opposed to just sending them a link. For larger...
  8. Peal

    Is this a good opportunity?

    I will say that getting a job out of college is dependent on two things: Who you know. You can submit 100 blind applications on Indeed, and you may get a call back on 2-5 of them. Literally. But if you submit 100 applications to companies that employ someone you know, you're likely hear back...
  9. Peal

    INTRO 15 and Confused

    Hey there, thanks for sharing. It's weird how this all works. I don't think there are very many entrepreneurs on this forum or in general who have had a plan, and then everything worked according to their plan. It's really just a matter of trying stuff out, failing, learning, and trying again...
  10. Peal

    GOLD! The Greatest Lesson MJ DeMarco Taught Me

    Thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration!
  11. Peal

    How to followup with leads?

    When I follow up, I start by giving them something first. I'm a marketing consultant for small businesses. So when Prospect A goes cold for a few days, I'll send them an email with some tips on optimizing their Google My Business page. Here's an example: "Hi Mr. Shithead, I enjoyed chatting...
  12. Peal

    Advertising on Golf Course Scorecards

    Hi - generally, I find these types of things to be punts. Prospective clients just aren't in the headspace of business while they're writing their golf scores down. This is true for most industries but especially marketing consultation. Business owners aren't proactive about marketing.
  13. Peal

    Should I get help?

    Hi there. With the right plan, your risk will be low. Feedback from the people who will benefit from your idea (your market) is really the only feedback that really matters. As a first step, try to get in front of the people that your product or service will be serving. Don't try to pitch the...
  14. Peal

    INTRO All-in But Hedging... If That Makes Sense

    Yes, BNI is awesome with a caveat. Not all chapters are created equal. Some are much better than others. If someone is interested in joining I recommend they visit 5 or so.
  15. Peal

    INTRO All-in But Hedging... If That Makes Sense

    Hi all, I joined a few months ago but I wanted to respond to a few posts and offer some value before introducing myself. I am 31. I worked for several marketing agencies throughout my 20s. Two and a half years ago I decided to become an independent marketing consultant with a focus on helping...

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