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    REAL ESTATE Quick Question for SteveO and others

    I believe reipro started by buying a couple duplexes next to each other and lived in one of them. He's now into the big deals. He talked about it on the Beginner Conference call. If the recording is still around you'll hear him talk about how he started. He had great info that he shared with...
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    OFF-TOPIC Movies

    The Green Mile Shawshank Redemption The Notebook Second Hand Lions The Iron Giant The Usual Suspects
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    Hello from New Jersey

    From another New Jerseyean - Welcome to the forum!
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    REAL ESTATE Next Beginner Call

    My schedule is usually flexible so I can work with the majority here.
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    OFF-TOPIC Left / Right Brain Test

    I see it both ways. I write left-handed but am right-handed in sports. Guess that makes me balanced?...or just plain special. : )
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    REAL ESTATE REIpro Gives Back!

    I have to give MAJOR Kudos to Reipro for his time on the Beginner conference call! We had several members on the call from around the country. Reipro answered everyone's questions and elaborated with some entertaining stories. I'm impressed and encouraged by what you've built since 2000...
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    HOT TOPIC Forum Technical Problems

    No problems here.
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    REAL ESTATE Beginner Conference Call

    I'm in! Great way to give back. I'm a newb; the topics listed look good.
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    HOT TOPIC Forum Technical Problems

    I had problems earlier today. Working fine now although I don't Smilies. MJ- I had my bday party yesterday too. Cheers and great job here!
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    INTRO You're from where??

    Re: Your from where? New Jersey here!
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    Seems Like Home

    Hi QJet50! Welcome aboard!
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    Anyone use direct mail for marketing?

    Randallg99, Is a 'saturation' list a targeted demographic list? For those just starting out, on a budget or with small biz's you can drive through local targeted areas near your location and simply write down the addresses. When you get a customer from this list you can ask them if they...
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    Anyone use direct mail for marketing?

    Thanks Janet!
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    Anyone use direct mail for marketing?

    I've been using Vista Print and have been very happy with them. I followed the link above to check out their pricing, but couldn't pull up a price list. Is there another website addy for them without having to submit all my info?
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    Striving to Build my Own Biz!

    Welcome aboard!
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