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  1. mell0w

    My first Fastlane business (For twitch livestreamer)

    Hello Forum, i am oliver (19) from germany. Last month i finished my education with good grades and got a full time job at a big company. Since January i worked parallel to my final education exams on my first fastlane business after reading MJs books. I was searching on twitter on keywords for...
  2. mell0w

    How to find clients?

    Yeah, you are definitely right but as i said, i made these website for twitch streamers and i just had in my mindset that they are not willing or even able to pay that much more and other stupid stuff. But you are right, next time i will charge more! Thanks for your reply.
  3. mell0w

    How to find clients?

    Hey guys i have a question, you can be the best webdesigner, but if you have no clients and no one knows you and your web buisness than all your coding/selling/problem solving skills are worthless. So i had only 3 Clients wich paid me each 50€, i found these 3 clients over twitter and messaged...
  4. mell0w

    Why should I spend my time learning programming when I can hire someone who can do it better than me?

    If you want it to be good do it yourself.
  5. mell0w

    I am fully motivated but have no idea

    Hey, i have read the MFL and half of Unscripted. My problem is that i got some programming skills but have no idea what i can do. I think i can be usefull for people or create smth usefull and offer them value, but i just dont know exactly wich problem/need i could fill. I always think "okay...
  6. mell0w

    I am 17 years old and have 10.000€ what to do?

    After i have seen this: I got sad, because I am learning to code and stuff like that. But I understand that I just could pay a programmer with years of experience to code me an app and than I just...
  7. mell0w

    I am 17 years old and have 10.000€ what to do?

    I live in NRW and my "Ausbildung" is called IT system electronics technician Thank you for your reply, it gives me a lot to think about and helped me plan my future a bit.
  8. mell0w

    I am 17 years old and have 10.000€ what to do?

    So I finished school in 2018 and started an apprenticeship immediately afterwards as an IT technician, I am still in the apprenticeship. I have read half of the MFL book. I'm turning 18 this month and have saved € 10,000 from my salary. My question is what to do with it? I already invested some...
  9. mell0w

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book, loved the book it really helped me a lot!

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