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  1. Marquin Brewer

    RANT This Is How Fast Your Boss Can Drop You

    I've been there as well and its so frustrating to see people lie directly to your face about your performance. But for us that are striving to leave the rat race it comes with the territory. A job is for those who are comfortable living check to check and kissing butt!
  2. Marquin Brewer

    GOLD! Crawling thru a sewer pipe filled with sh*t: Why it matters.

    When freedom means everything to you and your ready to take the leap. You'll crawl through a sewer full of crap. You'll run through a burning building. Whatever the cost you're willing to pay it. I moved out to Phoenix a few months ago had to live in a shelter. I looked around at people laying...
  3. Marquin Brewer

    Looking for some advice on affiliate broker for betting sites

    Did you research this niche or did you go into blind? I think the betting niche is super competitive and you need a backdoor to compete against the big boyz. Maybe you should drill down and find a sub-niche that you can attack. Ok, well I see you earned some loot so congrats. Find where the...
  4. Marquin Brewer

    About to make 800k in capital gains, trying to decide how to protect it.

    Hi Sterlock, I will give an opinion and its just that my opinion. If I were in your shoes I would continue to try to persuade my mother and step-father to make no hasty moves if the sales is completed. One problem I see is when someone doesn't have a financial IQ they will blow through big...
  5. Marquin Brewer

    GOLD! The "Astonishing Secrets" Thread

    No matter where you start at you have it in your heart to make progress and better your future. Its true what you mentioned earlier that being involved in church can sometimes blind you to the outside world. I'm not in a cultist environment but I see how that mindset can be adopted by following...
  6. Marquin Brewer

    EXECUTION Introduction: My name is Edmark and today I got fired.

    Welcome Ed....luck doesn't apply to your situation but I understand what you are like all challenges in life your determination will be tested....If things don't plan out the way you expect them you may have to get another slowlane job to support yourself while your building...
  7. Marquin Brewer

    HOT TOPIC The Active Forex Traders Discussion

    I don't know if you guys are aware of this or not but the market doesn't move at random, there are large institutional players, large hedge funds, banks, etc around the world that manipulate price action....Another component is news, the news is all a smoke screen to the uninformed...
  8. Marquin Brewer

    How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read...

    Wow....What excellent examples of tapping into what Drew Eric Whitman calls the LF8 which are our human programmed desires.... I see every e-mail headline tapping into one or a combination. I think its vital for every person who journeys the entrepreneurs path to learn copy. I heard it said...
  9. Marquin Brewer

    GOLD! The "Astonishing Secrets" Thread

    Thanks for the advice bro....I'm on it....Putting a funnel together....I'll give some feedback when I ran a couple of test.
  10. Marquin Brewer

    HOT TOPIC The biggest landing page mistake

    Thanks Andy your tutelage is second to none sir.....
  11. Marquin Brewer

    GOLD! The "Astonishing Secrets" Thread

    Thanx ICK for dropping mad knowledge and insight this is pure gold. I have in the past like everyone struggled with greed it's the LF8 in us all to desire our own wants and needs but if we can shift our mindset and become servants of other's selfishness fades away and selflessness sets in then...
  12. Marquin Brewer

    HOT TOPIC The biggest landing page mistake

    Andy, what I really hear you saying is stop looking at people as cattle and really get back to the essence of relating to others like ourselves who have issues and are looking for solutions. If we move out of the way so we can see someone else and not ourselves. Look to give value and look for...
  13. Marquin Brewer

    Grant Cardone "Buying a House is for Suckers"

    What's your problem dude? We're all here to grow and learn. I'm free to comment as well as you are. You sound very up tight so just chill out.....
  14. Marquin Brewer

    Grant Cardone "Buying a House is for Suckers"

    Of course I agree when the numbers are solid.
  15. Marquin Brewer

    Grant Cardone "Buying a House is for Suckers"

    I didn't just read rich dad poor dad I read that several years ago, what a person does and the financial decisions they make are their own, the point I was making was if you don't pay cash for your house, condo, etc and you finance it through conventional means, i.e. a mortgage if you don't have...

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