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  1. Marley T

    WEB SCHOOL creating my first website

    thanks man will get started with a template
  2. Marley T

    WEB SCHOOL creating my first website

    hello everyone, (think this is the right forum for the job) I have had this idea for a niche review website for awhile, Im finally starting to get stuck in and make it happen. The first thing on my checklist is making the website, thinking this was something I would be able to do myself using...
  3. Marley T

    Slowlane/Sidewalk songs?

    I feel like alot of main stream songs Are slow lane, they all seem to have a "hey don't worry about the future just party and live for the weekend" kind of attitude. It's ironic really because these kinds of artists are sometimes trying to appeal to the average 9-5 women and men but haven't...
  4. Marley T


    Yea I think the biggest struggle will be in those early stages where the page wont look impressive enough for Artists to be bothered about sharing it on there. which is why I think a minor fee is required to begin with. Or I could possibly offer a free service for the first month or two to get...
  5. Marley T


    I noticed that a lot of music youtube channels will charge artists around £100-£200 to have their tracks posted on their channel for example GRM daily and SBTV. I was thinking about growing an Instagram page purely for aspiring artists and charging a small fee just to have a preview of the track...
  6. Marley T

    INTRO Young Professional Seeking Fast Lane

    couldn't agree more, Im currently doing music technology in college mostly just familiarising my self with Logic and i have noticed there are some really talented producers out there that wont get recognition for example one of my friends who uses FL has some crazy productions but he doesn't...
  7. Marley T

    RANT How to respond to needy people? **Pics**

    Yea I feel you. I think Andys comment was spot on, like he said maybe sharing a video that inspired you could help him just as well. Haven't quite figured out how to quote other people in my replays yet lol.
  8. Marley T

    RANT How to respond to needy people? **Pics**

    Personally I would probably ignore the dude but I've never actually been in that exact position. Maybe meet him half way and tell him if he can reach something like 2k followers by himself you can then give each other a shout out. If someone handed me 10,000 pounds I would feel guilty if I...
  9. Marley T

    OFF-TOPIC Thank You!!

    I just wanted to take some time out to say how much I appreciate every successful entrepreneur on this forum. I joined the forum on Monday and man the amount of knowledge that I have at my finger tips from people that have been through the whole grinding process and still are is insane. The...
  10. Marley T

    Creating E-Books and Courses for Targeted Niche

    I have never done this myself but I would imagine it's best to have a lot of knowledge in your niche before you start because getting any information wrong might tarnish your name to much and any bad reviews would most likely effect your sales a lot and that could be hard to to come back from...
  11. Marley T

    INTRO This is my story (eCom, liquidation event, RE, more)

    That would be much appreciated man. Look forward to it.
  12. Marley T

    The power of the YouTuber

    Maybe used is the wrong word lol. Yea I suppose that would work just as well but I think some youtubers would be happy to except something other than money. Say for instance your app has a monthly sucripton or some kind of app currency maybe they would be happy to plug the app to thier...
  13. Marley T

    INTRO This is my story (eCom, liquidation event, RE, more)

    Great video man. Would love to see a more In depth video on how you started your first eBay business if you have the time. Thanks for sharing.

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