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    No money - what to do?

    To say 2008 was a terrible year is giving it too much credit. Both personally and professionally everything seemed to go wrong. What little money I made with my business (an S-Corp) I paid as salary and distribution so my wife and I could pay our personal bills. I paid both the NCDoR and the...
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    Think you've got it tough?

    I can guarantee you that no matter how bad you think your life is, it's by far not as bad as what Gabriela Shea had to live through as a teenager. Growing up in Guatemala she had to endure being kidnapped, abused, raped, and carry her abductor's child. This went on for years. Add to that family...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Keep it coming! I always think ahead myself and I have ideas what I could do once it gets bigger (or should that be if?). I've had so many failures the past years that I am more than ready for success. I know my wife is - she's been incredibly supportive of me, so I really owe it to her to do...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Thank you so much!:3some: I've put all of this on my ever-growing to-do list. For the press release: I encourage all of our members to post experts and blurbs in their profiles. I'm working on one for a very special book right now. It's a very touching and eye-opening story. I'll have more on...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Don't know if I'll make big dollars there, but it's a start. My wife's passionate about books (reader for 40 years) and I like doing this kind of work, so we'll see where it takes us. But I am serious about it, that's why I ask so many questions (wink). Can you recommend any groups in particular?
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    No, I don't charge for blurbs or profiles and the like. What I charge for is taking all the information and taking it to the readers (various sites/forums/blogs/MySpace groups), as well as genre-specific (i.e. horror-only forums), because that is very time-intensive on our part. As far as...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    Thanks for the tips so far, would love to hear more. I actually just had another idea that I might make it a portal for other sites to post their content. I'll have to think about that in detail.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Need feedback from all you readers/writers

    It's been almost a month since I mentioned here. Since then I've made many changes and added a blog - Add to this our MySpace and we have a nice triangle going on here. We also decided to concentrate on promoting new authors. Things are still a little slow...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Young Companies?

    Peerless, not a bad idea. We have business cards we hand out and display at book stores. In-person networking is an important part of our strategy. I have actually used what you suggested - something along the lines of "found something great to read at", with no direct...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Young Companies?

    Re: Press Releases / Other Promotion Wow, Kimber, thank you so much! That's a lot to process, and I'll go through it step by step. We want to concentrate on up-and-coming authors, but having some established ones on there can only beneficial. We already have 3 established writers (not huge...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Young Companies?

    My wife and I have started, a site dedicated to promoting new authors. It is starting to gain momentum, but I'm still looking for more exposure. Here is what we are already doing: MySpace, MySpace groups, reader/book forums, Yahoo answers, reviews submitted to several...
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    HOT TOPIC Visa IPO- Will we all be driving Lambos end of March?

    I suppose it's too late to get into it?
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    new from NC

    Welcome from another NC guy. Got quite a few on here now.
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    O/T: FUNNY Two Monks

    Same as in my favorite movie, The Matrix: Young boy bends spoon with his mind. Neo walks in. Young boy: "Do not try to bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth." Neo: "What truth?" Boy: "There is no spoon. Then you will realize that it is not the spoon that...
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    HOT TOPIC How to save $1,000 AND find more time for you

    I have only the basic package and really don't watch much. I used to watch more, but now I concentrate on work. However, I do have the Sports Package, as I "have to have" my soccer. Being from Germany it's my passion and, while I could, I really don't want to do without. What I did instead was...
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