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  1. lifeNchoices

    Do you own a business or do you own a job?

    Not exactly. It was new client, they had a extra need so I brought on somebody on. I'm still there, but I had planned on removing myself completely from this customer.
  2. lifeNchoices

    Do you own a business or do you own a job?

    I own my job. I recently took a crack at adding more people. It didnt work out, I had the right person in place, but the client in another direction. I lost about 100K of potential revenue. I'm dusting myself out right now for a try again this summer. All my hard work took strain on family...
  3. lifeNchoices

    INTRO Extremely successful Corp. America burnout looking for freedom. Let's talk about it!

    Welcome, Since you were already running a business unit you should have a good idea of what the needs are of your industry, but i don't have to tell you that, you seem like you get it. Welcome aboard.
  4. lifeNchoices

    Overseas Workers Taking Over Our IT Jobs

    Outsourcing is usually one on process oriented jobs. MACD's. Basic troubleshooting and software testing. Innovation is something that is usually kept onshore as most culture's can't figure out whats good for us. This is where we come in. I have off shore IT workers that work for me, and...
  5. lifeNchoices

    WEB/DIGITAL Just made my first fastlane move... I think

    I've been in the IT business for a while running my own company doing the majority of the work myself and hiring contractors for specific task. Over the past few months after reading the book I decided to make some changes. The first one came today when I was able to move not 1 but 2...
  6. lifeNchoices

    Companies are entities, and hide behind human resources. They have no soul.

    I"m in my 30's and I'll add to this One company that I worked for considered us owners and we had stock in the company vs matching 401K(I know this violates TMF, but it was years ago). Pretty much everything from the OP was spot on. When the money was coming in everything was great. When...
  7. lifeNchoices

    The End of Employees (Wall Street Journal)

    I've thought about using affliate marking for some of the "cloud" based services. I would need to build clear and defined portals so they would have easy access to them and make sure my hands are out the pot as much as possible.
  8. lifeNchoices

    The End of Employees (Wall Street Journal)

    Since this thread got some rep, I'll explain my process. I'm very good at a few aspects of IT. So what I do is I use my current skillset to get into a company. Once I"m in there I let them know I have backup and can call on a wide range of talents to solve problems. Usually some of the...
  9. lifeNchoices

    The End of Employees (Wall Street Journal)

    This is pretty much how I work now. All of of the work I get comes from companies who want to outsource. I've setup my own LLC to take on the work, and I've found a few ways to to make this profitable for me. Its still in the slowlane, but it allows me to leverage my skills with companies in...
  10. lifeNchoices

    WEB/DIGITAL Taking Steps into the Mobile App Business

    Great job on seeing that some things were going wrong. Yes they are expensive, but they last a long time. The Air models are lighter, but you can get a much more powerful pro for that same price and it will take care of your needs. Also the PRO's(non retina) can upgrade there HD and ram...
  11. lifeNchoices

    INTRO Serial Cloud Entrepeneur

    Welcome your right up my alley with the as a service business. When I have some questions, I'll be sure to seek you out.
  12. lifeNchoices

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just finished reading the book yesterday. Very insightful on things I was doing wrong and ways for me to fix them. As I've stated in another thread trading time for money is the biggest one I need to change. Even though I'm a pretty high dollar earner I'm still in the slowlane due to failing...
  13. lifeNchoices

    INTRO Hello! Business owner looking to change roads

    Welcome I'm in the same boat as you. I'm 35 with a business that does well, but requires my time. Read through the treads, look at the ideas get inspired then start to execute. Its what I'm doing and it turned into a larger pool of slow lane money that I can use to fund my fast lane business.
  14. lifeNchoices

    GOLD! How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months

    The-J came through again. At first I thought about adding websites as a part of the services I already offered since I had some understanding of code, but this thread combined with the book and some of my own bumps on the road tells me I need to look at clients and see what that they are...
  15. lifeNchoices

    Tithing/Donating to Charity

    I don't like giving directly to organizations, however I do give to people I see on the street in need. I give about 100 dollars a month. I also give to open source projects that I use so they can keep the lights on.

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