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    NOTABLE! After you're a millionaire, will you go broke?

    Some go broke. Some don't. Chances that you take when you have zero are sometimes not smart ones once you accumulate a sizable amount. Double or nothing works on tv, but rarely in real life. If your money came pretty fast, you could be at risk. A good example is many lottery winners. If it was...
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    Bankruptcy Alternatives

    You don't want to sit around. Make flyers advertising & pass them out whenever you are not working. Depending on where you live there is probably other things you can do as well for more income. (Just a side note, I don't think you will have to recapture the amount as income if you short...
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    REAL ESTATE U.S. apartment vacancies near historic high

    Almost everything I have is walking distance to a major university. My rental records look just like the previous years, at least so far. What I have noticed is the shear number of distressed cosigners. I often have parents cosign for the apartment. This year I have had a pretty high number of...
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    REAL ESTATE Landlords in Here Please

    I would steer clear of the evicted applicants. Once they go through the system, a second go at it is no big deal to them. Unfortunately, if things got really bad (like in Detroit , have you seen what real estate is selling for now?) you will be grabbing at straws. Get a bigger deposit, if they...
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    REAL ESTATE Section 8 Tenants

    Not here. They can go without notice. The lease can be broken do to any change they feel necessary. If the unit becomes too far away for some reason, then that is a valid excuse. Mine have been near the city. I am guessing the good stories are coming from more rural areas.
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    REAL ESTATE Section 8 Tenants

    I am glad someone else has good luck with section 8. My experience was bad. You can not ask why someone is on the program legally. You can run their credit (why bother on 8) and get a deposit. Some of the disorders are mental. I had the misfortune to get one that had a temper disorder. This...
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    OFF-TOPIC Tell me about your ride...

    I knew a guy that had a Sterling. It was orange & had a 914 engine, pretty cool back then. I have the sales brochure on it & a few others like the Bradley GT. I was just a kid then, & wrote the companies for info & most sent it.
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    OFF-TOPIC PETER2: In Memory, R.I.P.

    That's really sad news, RIP
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    O/T: FUNNY There are no ugly women, just poor ones...

    Ha, ha. Those pictures are amazing. If only you could make beer goggles that worked that good.
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    Copper Prices - Sell or Hold?

    LOL. I have some in garbage cans. If it's not in your way, just sit on it.
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    HOT TOPIC No Lambo for Get-Rich-Slow Folks?

    Delayed gratification is one thing, but no gratification takes the carrot away from the stick. Maybe a Lamborghini isn't your goal. Try to substitute "nice house, a different car, vacations, clothes, eating out, watches etc" in it's place. Something makes each of us tick. There is more value to...
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    FAILURE What NOT to do as a real estate investor

    That is really well said and so true.
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    HOT TOPIC No Lambo for Get-Rich-Slow Folks?

    The 308/328 is fairly easy to work on. There is no engine out on those to change the timing belt (there is two belts on the TR). Access is gained to the 3x8's belt by removing the right rear tire. They are fairly reliable cars if you drive them. One downside is they are one of the easiest cars...
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    OFF-TOPIC A Rant: "Friend" Issues...My lack of judgement

    This is really his loss, not yours. This piece of crap is pretty much doomed to live his life with no real friendships. Real friendship is built upon trust over time, which this guy is lacking. Consider yourself lucky. (As a side note, I pretty much hated high school. I had some good friends...
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    HOT TOPIC No Lambo for Get-Rich-Slow Folks?

    I did that on a 92 TR about 6 months ago. On the TR the engine comes out from the top, and the Testarossa (really the same car, just a bunch of changes) the engine unit removes from under like you said. I think the total on parts was about 2k and took a good two days of labor. The design is...

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