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  1. Invictus

    EXECUTION Growing a video marketing agency

    I'm sure you're already thinking ahead, but I found success by retargeting Video viewers with a more direct ad. People don't tend to take action on a video, but if they watch it all the way through, they're interested. Those were good candidates to follow up with an offer or discount.
  2. Invictus

    Can I send users from a certain country to a specific mailchimp audience?

    I can't recall if Mailchimp automatically splits them, but you can definitely add individual tags to split up your audience. So if you're sending traffic to a specific landing page (or just using the appropriate UTM Tags), you can make sure the audience from a specific url...
  3. Invictus

    OFF-TOPIC I received a scary e-mail from Google Maps....

    I've been reading Permanent Record, Edward Snowden's book. They got a lot more on you than Google does.
  4. Invictus

    Hydro Flask case study

    It seems specifically like it's the white collar version of Yeti.
  5. Invictus

    O/T: HEALTH Netflix's Game Changers (Vegan Documentary)

    But I've seen the corporate push to feed the lower classes cheap processed and profitable factory-farmed meat for awhile now. Considering the irreparable damage and millions of lives lost just with the "carb demonization"movements of Keto and Paleo with MILLIONS dead of preventable heart...
  6. Invictus

    O/T: HEALTH Netflix's Game Changers (Vegan Documentary)

    At the risk of derailing the thread, would you (or anyone!) recommend a specific plant-based cookbook/recipe website? I'm not ready to make a complete switch, but the wife and I need to add in more vegetables. We tend to create one pot meals, which can limit the amount of vegetables we work in.
  7. Invictus

    OFF-TOPIC Disney+ launched today, and...

    Is that any different than taking the day off to go fishing?
  8. Invictus

    HOT TOPIC I’m Reading Atlas Shrugged; You’re Invited!!!!

    Oh, I'm excited for all of you! Atlas Shrugged is a great novel. One suggestion I have is to split the book into three separate readings. The book is conveniently split into three 'books', and I find them to be a natural stopping point. Atlas Shrugged can be...a lot (it's not necessarily...
  9. Invictus

    Pistol/Weapon market growing or decreasing?

    You can order a firearm online and have it shipped to any local dealer for a small charge (I think $25 is standard)? As a whole, I think this market is just going to grow. I'm going to get slightly political (if I go to far, my apologies), but only to discuss how this affects things in a...
  10. Invictus

    Angel Investing - Great Opportunity or Scam?

    In copywriting, there is something called "The Big Idea / The System". Essentially, it boils down your entire into pitch into a mechanism. This is not a bad thing. If you have built a diet that has worked for every client provided they follow it, you want it to stand out. So why not brand it...
  11. Invictus

    HOT TOPIC How I hacked my dopamine to train and reward desired work behaviors and halt procrastination

    Beautiful. A worthy ending to this thread (perhaps a future Gold?). I will recommend the book, Don't Shoot the Dog for anyone interested in wanting to adopt this type of training to their life. Psychology books are well and good for learning, but books like this are devoted specifically on how...
  12. Invictus

    OFF-TOPIC *Would anyone want to share a lake house with me?* (possibly for free)

    At this point, there are only two reasons someone is saying no to this offer: 1) Moving doesn't fit with your life right now (Wife, mortgage, business ties you down, etc) 2) Limiting beliefs Johnny Boy is giving you the opportunity of a life time, with what amounts to no risk. If you've got...
  13. Invictus

    Should I get a job?

    You mentioned your parents aren't respecting the work you do. This is because of one of three reasons: 1) You're not really working. You're spinning your wheels, half-starting, reading too much, or any number of things. They're right. 2) You ARE really working You're either making money or...
  14. Invictus

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    Season 8, Episode 4: Bad Things: Euron continues to be a terrible villain that inspires sighs rather than fear. We learn that 6/7ths of Westeros bent the knee to Aegon Targaryen because no one thought to build a big crossbow. Only one person (#SansafortheThrone) realizes that sending your...
  15. Invictus

    HOT TOPIC Only one life to live - Image from Reddit

    This attitude just...infuriates me. If you think that life is misery and terrible, why not give your free time to a soup kitchen or volunteer somewhere? "There is no magical third act where I'm the star in some fantasy adventure." You could be a star (or at least a big character). Give...
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