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    949 newsletter subscribers for $0.44 per sub with Instagram Ads

    Valid thought. The industry average value of a newsletter subscriber is $1 per month. So a subscriber bought at 0.44 can yield $12 per year
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    949 newsletter subscribers for $0.44 per sub with Instagram Ads

    Or, «The lazy mans way to killer results with Instagram stories» Whether as an entrepreneur or employee/freelancer, you'll always provide food on the table with this skill. Dont spend $997 on a course, heres a free step-by-step guide to Facebook/Instagram ads. 1/ Have a great product...
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    This former dropshipper did $10 billion dollars in sales last year

    Chris Xu went from dropshipping wedding dresses to creating a $47 billion clothing company that releases between 700-1,000 new items EVERY day. Don't believe me? Here's how he does it In 2008, the SEO expert Chris Xu saw an opportunity in dropshipping wedding dresses from Chinese manufacturers...
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    I started a local newsletter 3 weeks ago - I now have 1,635 subscribers (a how-to guide)

    Thanks! Its my Twitter profile. Yeah, I haven't really decided on that yet. But I live in a fairly big city (500-600k), so I think it could work.
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    I started a local newsletter 3 weeks ago - I now have 1,635 subscribers (a how-to guide)

    This was made for Twitter: View: I used @thesamparr and @andrewwilkinson framework to start a local newsletter 3 weeks ago. It currently has 1,632 subscribers and growing by 50-60 subs a day. The best part? It costs $0.00 to get started...
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    Boss funding my side project

    AMAZING! Thanks!
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    Boss funding my side project

    Hey, I joined a startup 2 months ago, where we have a wall for all business ideas. I saw that one of the ideas on the wall was an idea I already was working on as a side project, a local newsletter. I approached my boss and told him I already have a site and concept. He told me that he can fund...
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    Sourcing for furniture startup

    Poland, Lithuania, Latvia are the main countries I'm looking for. These countries have a good reputation when it comes to furniture manufacturing, but I'm definitely open for alternatives within reasonable distance
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    Sourcing for furniture startup

    It can work
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    Sourcing for furniture startup

    Hey guys. Does anyone in here have any contacts in the furniture business? I work in a startup that's developing multiple business ideas, and I'm trying to get in contact with a producer in a Baltic country (Poland, Lithuania etc) - anybody that can point me in a good direction? I have...
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    Sourcing a plastic product

    Hi! anyone in here with experience in sourcing a big plastic product? I’m located in Europe and I want to make a plastic barrell for cold plunging. Preferrably in Europe or Americas. How do I find a manufacturer for this? best, Gunnar
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    Importing products to sell on Craigslist

    Had some success with some special sound equipment, but its pretty rare to find and then at the right price as well, not something I can do weekly. Have you imported products and sold on Craigslist?
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    Importing products to sell on Craigslist

    Hey guys! I live in a country where we have a website that basically everyone uses to sell stuff that is probably very much alike to Craigslist in the US. I've tried flipping a few items with some success, and I would like to check out the possibilities of importing products(sofas, beds etc.)...
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    The best Inbound Marketing strategy for local business

    Hey guys, I am in the process of doing my first ever inbound marketing campaign for an accounting firm. The goal is to show up in Google organically when people search for accountants or accounting-related subjects in the local area. Please critique the shit out of this: SALES FUNNEL: 1...
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    Making Money For Dummies (And In a Crowded Market)

    @IceCreamKid Could you critique my copy for a local window cleaning biz? Its a flyer that will go to mailboxes here in my hometown in Norway. I used a case study as inspiration. Tired of All That Pollen Grease on Your Windows? Get your windows ready for the summer for only 797 NOK. Our trained...

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