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  • Hi,
    One of the moderators told me about you because you seem to be good at dropshipping. Would you have a few moments to give me because I'd like to ask a few questions about it?


    I learned first and foremost by reading. I majored in Finance and Entrepreneurship in college, but you don't have to go to college to learn these things. Grab a couple of intro to finance books at your local library, and while you're there, grab some real estate investment books.

    Just read this thread would you share your list of books to read please. Thank You.
    Hi G_Alexander, I am 18 and have been involved in real estate working for a RE development company for the last few months. I am extremely interested in finding a multifamily to live in and rent out within the next year or two. I saw that you posted that you had written an eBook on it. Is there any way I can purchase this from you? It seems like it would be extremely helpful for me taking the next steps. Thank you!
    Hey Alexander,

    I read your post about the mobile home - great deal man! congrats!

    I am 22 years old and currently live in Israel,
    I was born in the U.S and planning to come back in about 8 monthes.
    I'm planning to start a business in R.E so i'm starting to make some plans..

    I noticed you said you are getting a Real Estate Agent license - I was thinking about starting as an agent, but I heard that there are some regulations that prevent you from making deals. So I thought about asking for you advice about about those regulations?
    Is it just something that has to do with integrity about not buying from clients or is it something harsher than that?

    Hows it going since then? Did you get your licence already?

    Looking forward to hear from you,

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