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    If you had 2 months to learn a skill, that adds value and makes you money, what would you learn?

    Great ideas man. Since i am learning app dev, i was thinking of creating an app for that sort of business -pressure washing , cooking , cleaning etc., In fact, it was my teacher who mentioned how the workers setting up furniture in her house/painting etc., showed up late or sometimes never...
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    If you had 2 months to learn a skill, that adds value and makes you money, what would you learn?

    Thanks MJ and everyone else. Tbh i would love to get a job and start working on my own. Its just that i live in a poor south Asian country where jobs such as painting, window cleaning, grass cutting are done by people who come from very low income families and they earn 90-100$ / month for...
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    Should i retake the SAT as a highschool student, or spend time learning a skill instead?

    18M here. I gave the SAT twice and my result just came out a few days ago. I got a 1370 which is far from what i needed but its fine to get me into a top university in my asian country. Tbh i really want to go abroad on a scholarship and i can give the SAT again if i want to increase my chances...
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    Is it necessary to learn before doing a certain skill, or does trial and error work best for you?

    So I was just getting started in learning app development, when i checked a couple of posts here where people mentioned app development but in most cases it wasnt people learning app development. It was people using other drag-drop tools to help them setup a website or create a demo for an app...
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    If you had 2 months to learn a skill, that adds value and makes you money, what would you learn?

    I did terribly on my exams, and the results come out in 2 months, but I really want to learn a skill and even make some money off it so i dont look like a complete loser in front of my family, but anyways what would you learn if you had 2 months?
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    I am terrible at studying in highschool , but i don't want to stay stuck forever

    Hey there fellow fastlaners , I know i am young compared to y'all, but thats why i am here. To learn from others who have made it, and to be honest i am stuck in a really bad situation right now. These past 4 months i tried my hands at copywriting but didnt really stick to it. Then i started...
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    Kids from poverty make thier way into top universities

    Been stuck in a 'mental rut' for a while, but this email from one of the best NGO's in my country opened my eyes up to the reality, so I think it's a good share here. Very proud of these kids. I belong to an upper-middle family and have all the facilities for studying, good schooling etc, yet...
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    Selling books as a side hustle? How do i go about it?

    I just got some books delivered from an IG book store that sells books very cheaply in my country. Usually books cost anywhere between 7-15$ (highest quality) in the 'top' book stores of my country, but this seller and many others are selling books for $1-$2. These books are relatively low...
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    What advice would you give to yourself if you were 18?

    18 y/o, recently started reading tmf and quite amused by it. All of it is quite hard to digest-shifting from the slow lane to the fastlane mindset, but I am working on it. I have gone to business competitions, done a paid internship recently and sell my photos as stock images online (have made...

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