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  • I better call Shopify and see if Canadian customers pay customs on product shipping from the US :)
    The fact I ordered late on a Friday before a Canadian long weekend didn't help. Product sat in BC from Cali for 4 days.
    Been 11 working days since my first order was placed and it still hasn't shown. When they say 7 - 12 business days, bet on 12.
    First sale! Sold "Social Media Design Service" for $10. I resized a logo for her Twitter account. :)
    Changed my avatar. Still working on the perfect iconic logo. Domain up for 9 days. Instagram doing well organically.
    Started a shopify shop, designed 5 shirts, set up Google Analytics, a Twitter account and an Instagram account. Now on to Day 2!
    Wow... found some of my old blogs last updated in 2010. Most recent posts in some of them were from 2008! I could have been rich by now!
    Did a few things for my biz today. Posted some Amazon links and looked at which of my Twitter accounts might work well for revenue gen.
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