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  1. ExcelGuy

    3D Printing as a business...does it make CENTS?

    My advice would be to buy an inexpensive "toy" printer or at least one of the Makerbot models, and then make a lot of prints and get familiar with the industry. If you have an idea for an item, compare the time and materials it would cost you to make it and ship it to a distant customer and...
  2. ExcelGuy

    T Shirt Fulfillment Plugin + Shopify?

    I'll be looking in to Custom Cat since their location in Detroit makes it better for my local customers, were that important... but for now I'm still using Printful on Etsy and TicTail, and if I put a shop on Wordpress I'd probably still use them until I find something better.
  3. ExcelGuy

    HOT TOPIC Tshirt Designs - Will they sell?

    This fall a student of mine came to me and asked to partner with me about developing and selling tshirts. Turns out he mostly wanted to rip off other existing brands, but I convinced him otherwise and started explaining the "biz" to him. Turns out he *really does* want to go with transfers to...
  4. ExcelGuy

    HOT TOPIC Tshirt Designs - Will they sell?

    These are some great insights that I never thought through. I have partnered with a local printer and I do have 2 designs so far that are selling. I have put the word out to friends and have printed batches of promo shirts for them to bring in money to keep the process going. And you're right...
  5. ExcelGuy

    EXECUTION Paid Traffic For Creatives

    It hasn't. My username was chosen because I got tired of thinking of yet another username [emoji2]. I started designing tshirts when I joined this forum, but I teach Excel at a university in Canada. My full time job was made redundant in Nov 2016 and now I'm working in ways to stay employed...
  6. ExcelGuy

    HOT TOPIC Tshirt Designs - Will they sell?

    As other people on here have said, PoD can ve a good way to test your designs in a market and you can take the popular ones, print them locally and sell them locally or on your own web site. Simply by registering as a business I can get wholesale pricing from AlphaBroder so basic Gildan can...
  7. ExcelGuy

    Does my Odd Idea have Any Potential?

    I'm just going to say gone artist route... or at least use it as a lead in. Growing kits seems like a good idea. Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk
  8. ExcelGuy

    looking to get some thoughts and feedback on a concept

    It's been done already. I forget what it's called but read about it just a little while ago. Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk
  9. ExcelGuy

    Are people buying this??

    It sounds a bit like people who develop a social media account to thousands of followers and then sell it. I come up with what I think are great ideas all the time [emoji2] and I've considered doing this.[emoji23] Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk
  10. ExcelGuy

    HOT TOPIC Tshirt Designs - Will they sell?

    You make some very valid points. To some degree I'm still finding my legs and what works. What's wrong with being a promotional company if the market is there? I do have some brand ideas I could go with, I just haven't at the moment. But definitely food for thought. Market research required...
  11. ExcelGuy

    HOT TOPIC Tshirt Designs - Will they sell?

    The only problem is the incredible delay in getting things from China but that could be managed if done right. Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk
  12. ExcelGuy

    EXECUTION Paid Traffic For Creatives

    This is really great stuff. I started going thru some of Andy's stuff and did a short run, cheap campaign on a specific set of keywords. Not near as high a click thru rate but I'm getting ready to really look at it indepth and test another set. Cheers and thanks.
  13. ExcelGuy

    HOT TOPIC Tshirt Designs - Will they sell?

    This us an even better idea now that Printful integrates with Etsy. There is a local Etsy show this weekend here and some recent makers I've met will be there so perhaps I can make an effort of getting to be there next year. Partnered up with a young guy who basically pre-sold 4 shirts we don't...
  14. ExcelGuy

    How do you turn IT into something fastlane?

    When you say IT can you be more specific? IT is a huge discipline / marketplace. My suggestion would be training development. Instead of consulting, build courses that teach... stuff... then market, build, and expand. Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk
  15. ExcelGuy

    Surf All day Internet but Make few Money ?

    Just get off the Internet and go outside if your sites are already making money. Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk

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