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  1. EsJay

    GOLD! Gravy's Hustle Thread: $100k/mo or Bust!

    @GravyBoat I have a question. I have been thinking of Home Services Business for a while but I have a full time job and dman scared of heights (cant even clean fans in house). So I was wondering if I can start such a businesses relying on FT/PT employee (which initially could be funded from my...
  2. EsJay

    HOT! The Worldwide C0VlD-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    Such a thought provoking thread! With all the justifications I have read and understand the point at intellectual level, I still can’t digest this thought. I understand the point that people will starve, families will suffer if there is no economy but price of that is letting some people die...
  3. EsJay


    Finally I completed audio book just yesterday! As I was listening to it I realized how I was asking wrong questions (even till my recent posts), had wrong focus (where can I find money than what value / solution I can offer). This is literally like a realization. Thank you MJ I now know, I need...
  4. EsJay

    Just saw this comment on Youtube - the slowlane is real. Start working on your life today.

    Thanks for posting this I can relate to this to a level where it feels like I wrote this...So many times I feel stuck, frustrated with no way out. I had a chance 2 years back when I first joined this forum, I even started on right track but then left in between...Its only after my own FTE...
  5. EsJay

    Importing is costlier than Amazon. What am I doing wrong?

    Everyone, Thank you so much, this has been so much helpful. Taking inputs from this thread, I got the details required and indeed higher cost is because of Air courier (FEDEX IE). I asked for MOQ quotation to get an idea and per unit shipping costs are significantly coming down. I may also have...
  6. EsJay

    Importing is costlier than Amazon. What am I doing wrong?

    Looks like I have hit a roadblock! and looking for some advise. I short listed 2-3 products which I would like to import and got quotes from suppliers including courier shipping for 20-25 sample quantity. . Total Samples shipment weight is ~11-12 Kgs/20-25 LBS. Amazon listed costs for these...
  7. EsJay

    HOT! Business Success when there's no Middle Class

    I read articles few months back I think on NYT about technology threats to society. Just to give few examples Auto Drive Cars, once that technology matures (and it will) it will wipe out taxi drivers across the country. Cloud Migration is already impacting out IT Admin types jobs, Bettermint...
  8. EsJay

    HOT! Business Success when there's no Middle Class

    Just yesterday night I watched Michael Moore's Documentary Capitalism I don't necessarily agree with all the points but had similar thoughts and raised quite a few serious questions. As corporates drive for profits and efficiency, specially with all automation, robotics etc and start...
  9. EsJay

    GOLD! Ever wonder how people end up in dead end jobs at 40?

    OP really touched me and thank you for taking time to post this story and your thoughts. I see myself there probably in slightly better position and better job, paying better $$$. But fundamentals still remain same. Based on my own experience I do believe many people do understand that they...
  10. EsJay

    GOLD! I will help you find a product to sell on Amazon

    I have a question and I believe this is probably best place to ask. If some one has limited funds say $1000 bucks to start with, he/she may not be in a position to go for modifications or improvements. Probably not even rebranding as $1000 may not give you enough quantity for private labeling...
  11. EsJay

    GOLD! Today is my 1 year TMF anniversary

    Wow! What a great thread indeed. This one thread taught me so many things in just few pages. Thank you so much, this is going to help me (and I am sure all new comers) immensely as I start my journey
  12. EsJay

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Yes! I did it. But listened to instead of reading ;-)
  13. EsJay

    INTRO I am scared...damn scared...

    I realized I should have written it in more refined manner. Hence removing.
  14. EsJay

    MEETUPS TAMPA BAY, FL Fastlane Meetup

    Thanks, that helps. Off course I plan to post in introduction forum, but first I am completing the book (I am on 33/49 track on Audible as I write this). I have also read tonnes of notables/gold and most importantly execution threads. (I find execution threads most fascinating). I hope to...
  15. EsJay

    MEETUPS TAMPA BAY, FL Fastlane Meetup

    I am a new guy here from Tampa, can I join or there any eligibility criteria to be part of meet up?
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