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  1. djcoax

    HOT TOPIC Grant Cardone = Bankrupt (Dumb PR Stunt)

    When I found out he was a scientologist - all my respect for him went out of the window.
  2. djcoax

    O/T: HEALTH Quarantine Fitness - What's Your Routine?

    I am very happy with the Freeletics app. I get up at 5 in the morning - just like when I do when I do get to go out of the house and I open the app and start whatever is on my plate that day. I'm usually still half asleep at that point - but it's important just to start. That's half the battle.
  3. djcoax

    Where to learn accounting?

    Check out "Financial Statements" by Thomas R. Ittelson. It's really good at explaining the basics.
  4. djcoax

    "New Study Destroys Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule"

    Not practice makes perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Meaning that the 10.000 hours rule is only valid if every hour is single-mindedly spent working in that area where you are lacking at that specific point in time. It also implies that practice is done in a "flow" state meaning it does...
  5. djcoax

    Learning to Fly

    Oh man, this is something I really want to do - but where to start ...
  6. djcoax

    HOT TOPIC Are you ignoring the gold right in front of you?

    Oh man, I feel you're describing my exact situation. I'm in cybersecurity and specifically in incident response/forensics meaning I investigate hacked servers/computers to find out what happened and respond to ongoing hacks or things like ransomware outbreaks. I just ended up there , I'm a...
  7. djcoax

    HOT TOPIC Have Smartphones Destroyed Humanity?

    When driving you can tell which people are texting in their cars. It really has become a problem and not one that is easy to solve because it's basically a dopamine addiction. The same addiction that hooks people to certain reward-based video games like World of Warcraft, the same addiction that...
  8. djcoax

    GOLD! How great is your business idea from a CENTS perspective? Find out instantly...

    This tool just accused me of being a liar and providing contradicting information on the form and it refused to grade me. Are you developing an AI that can look into our souls , @MJ DeMarco ?
  9. djcoax

    GOLD! How great is your business idea from a CENTS perspective? Find out instantly...

    Please don't hate me @MJ DeMarco , but I have to ask, do you store the information? It's actually pretty genius if so. You can literally run off with the A+ business ideas- pick those you like and execute a hundred times better than someone who has a great idea but probably isn't going to...
  10. djcoax

    Failure is almost guaranteed if you ignore this one simple truth

    Great post. I would say : Failure IS guaranteed.
  11. djcoax

    NOTABLE! How to deal with unpaid invoices?

    I had this happen to me a few times. The main tip I would give is to remove any emotion from the entire process. You can sense OP's frustration and anger with his customer. That's not going to make it easier. I'm sorry but going to sit in the lobby is a low-status move. Really, your time is...
  12. djcoax

    VOTE NOW! Vote Now, Next Book Discussion August

    I nominate Skin in the Game by Nassim Taleb. Perhaps it will get picked and I can use some peer pressure to finally finish it;
  13. djcoax

    The War of Art or How To Beat Resistance

    I noticed that a lot of people on this forum are talking about action faking vs. execution. This really has a lot of analogies with what artists and creative people have to contend with. This entire board is - or should be - filled with creative people. Indeed, whether you are a writer or you...
  14. djcoax

    Efficiency by The Wall Street Playboys

    Hmm .. so I bought this and I am very put off by the language. This seems like it was written by someone that does not master the English language and it seems so frenzied I'm pretty sure the authors were on cocaine while writing this
  15. djcoax

    O/T: FUNNY Every life coach ever

    You know this is a comedian right ?

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