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  1. dior616

    GOLD! How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months

    You can try which is free and some info may not be available depending on how big the site is. When working on clients websites(or even your own), just copy and paste the Google Analytics code in the HTML and you'll be able to track everything in real time.
  2. dior616

    HOT TOPIC Making Money With Web Design 2017/2018

    Log into Facebook | Facebook Link is also in his signature
  3. dior616

    HOT TOPIC Making Money With Web Design 2017/2018

    You should actually close the deal in the phone call, otherwise they won’t be committed. After they’ve accepted, you should send them an invoice/follow up (50% upfront, 50% when finished) asap. Sometimes you have to just let go of shitty clients that don’t keep their word and move on. Sent...
  4. dior616

    Uni student looking for side gigs

    If you can't put the hours of a part time job while balancing school, you probably can't put the hours of having a side gig. But something you can do is research what jobs you can do on fiverr/upwork. Better yet, check out this sub section: Hustles, Freelancing, Bootstrapping
  5. dior616

    INTRO Quit the full time job and now I'm traveling the world.

    Welcome to the forum! Check these two threads out: GOLD - How to Learn Code, Start a Web Company, $15k+ per month within 9 months Making Money With Web Design 2017/2018 I'm currently getting into web design myself.
  6. dior616

    Nomad Lifestyle

    Why are you doubting yourself? Start reading the GOLD threads... You can start with this: You don't need to be an expert
  7. dior616

    Financial Literacy For An Entrepreneur

    Here's a decent book for starters that I've read: "Why Didn't They Teach Me This In School? - 99 Personal Money Management Principles To Live By" - Cary Siegel Its divided in sections that cover lessons on: life, budgeting and saving, spending, debt and credit card, investing, housing...
  8. dior616

    Recommend Goal Setting Books or Courses

    I'm thinking of picking up a the daily stoic journal, looks pretty interesting. Each day you write a morning and evening reflection for the question of the day and includes weekly passages.
  9. dior616

    HOT TOPIC What Are Your Big Plans For 2018?

    Move out and stand on my own two feet Create/improve relationships with others WORK HARDER! Cheers to growth and prosperity everyone!!!
  10. dior616

    What should I do at 17? I've Read MJ's Books

    Learn and try one skill at a time. [Ex: programming, copywriting, selling, marketing, SEO, photography, editing, etc.] Know when somethings not working but DON'T give up when you 'lose interest'. If you've read Unscripted, you'll know how important your meaning and purpose actually is. Wanting...
  11. dior616

    NOTABLE! When did you realize the system is rigged?

    I took a 5-week course in college during the summer and was hanging on a thread for about 2 weeks knowing there's no way I would pass, so I withdrew to save my GPA. I figured.. I essentially payed about $1k on a 2 week course just to barely get anything out of it and retake it during a regular...
  12. dior616

    O/T: HEALTH Fastlaner Fitness Tips

    I recommend looking into Jocko Willink especially his book Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual. That guy is just pure raw aggression, strength, toughness, etc. Personally I wake up and head to the gym to workout before the sun rises to get that out of the way. Also avoid sugars and grains...
  13. dior616

    NOTABLE! Who Do They Think They Are?!

    What a thread... recently been intrigued by a small community on twitter. Mainly young guys jerking each other off on topics like health, wealth, and relationships, nothing wrong with that. While I respect the ideas and helping one another, what bothers me is when someone actually tries to sell...
  14. dior616

    Really need some advice

    It seems you already know the answer to most of your problems which means you have a pretty good head on your shoulders.. But look at each problem specifically. Your environment - It sounds like a toxic hell. How can you detach yourself and let family go? Figure out how you'll have to move out...
  15. dior616

    Who Else Is Getting After It Today?

    To quote Jocko Willink.... “Where’s the beef jerky?! Cause I’m gonna get it.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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