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  1. DifficultTruth

    GOLD! Too scared to fail: Millennials aren't starting businesses

    You know Jon, as I sit here reflectively on memorial day and read over my original post I still think it is mostly true. The one thing I want to change is which generation I think is best. Over the last 3 years I have faced more adversity, worked harder, contributed more than the first 21 years...
  2. DifficultTruth

    Setting up a Service Desk (Helpdesk)

    Hi Andy, I am happy to help answer and give second opinions throughout the process and implementation of your service desk, my background is IT and have worked my way through being a service desk agent into operations management that oversaw both service desk and engineering teams, and now work...
  3. DifficultTruth

    Stories of people spontaneously quitting job without a plan and working out perfectly?

    There's a lot of great info in this thread from a lot of great contributors from this forum. That being said, no one will ever know what's right for you, if you looking for an answer and don't find it, why not DO it, and tell the future about the answer?
  4. DifficultTruth

    NOTABLE! (Radio interview) How to quickly get started in business

    Fantastic interview, Andy! I have a lot of takeaways but a few really standout to me. A lot of time I look at skills I have and think of how to sell them, instead of how to use the skills I have to help someone, or solve someone's problem. Another thing that definitely hit me, is that instead...
  5. DifficultTruth

    WEB SCHOOL The New Web Design Sub Forum (Intro Post)

    Super excited to be a part of this, am a current student of @Fox web school and will try to keep up with posting execution here and the fb group.
  6. DifficultTruth


    Just finished my first read through of Unscripted, I will be getting the audiobook version of it and listening when in the car, and re-read it again in the future to help refresh and hammer the concepts. I took my time reading this book, no speed reading, but deliberate and intentional reading...
  7. DifficultTruth

    How do I go about buying a transferrable freelancer profile with great reputation

    Why not take the time to build something instead of looking for a shortcut? If you are truly adding value as a freelancer it should be no problem. Check out: NOTABLE! - SinisterLex's - I Deleted My Upwork Account...
  8. DifficultTruth

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    There is an entire show on CNBC called "Blue Collar Millionaires," pretty much all the industries featured on the show are ones named throughout the thread, and industries people claim are "bad," like roofing, wielding, pipe-fitting, plumbing, electrical, etc. Yet I am sure CNBC has no problem...
  9. DifficultTruth

    WEB/DIGITAL Wish you had apps w/10 MILLION+ downloads?

    I want in! Thanks for so much for this and your AMA thread.
  10. DifficultTruth

    GOLD! 29 Years old: Just bought my 2nd Lambo (not clickbait)

    Just came back to the forum from a stint away and this is one of the first ones I see. I remember reading your thread on living rent free, and your progress thread, which I am going to go catch up on. Thank you for posting this, seeing this is what I needed right now. You have worked hard and it...
  11. DifficultTruth

    GOLD! Too scared to fail: Millennials aren't starting businesses

    Some things I have learned as a Millennial: Every generation thinks they are the best generation, and wants to talk about how great they are and talk badly about the others. There are winners and losers from every generation. There always has been and always will be sidewalkers, slowlaners...
  12. DifficultTruth

    GOLD! Bought a huge house with a 3 car garage and a pool!

    Just read through the whole thread and wow! Your progress is amazing and you are absolutely taking action and making moves to put yourself in a better life for both you and your family, which is the essence of the fastlane. I am going to share this with some close friends who I think could...
  13. DifficultTruth

    HUSTLE your way up!!! TEENS, no more EXCUSES! EXAMPLE INCLUDED!

    Hustle is something that never goes out of style. Resourcefulness never goes out of style. You've combined both, and the combination will take you far, awesome share!
  14. DifficultTruth

    GOLD! Save Yourself Years Of Frustration; It Worked For Me!

    Had a very similar experience at my first job when I was 16, a small seafood carry out place. I worked there for a few years and ended up taking on all their IT, web design, marketing etc and they always paid me extra for it. By age 19 I had worked my way up to manager and I have no doubt my...
  15. DifficultTruth

    GOLD! Don't let money be your excuse! (How I turned $400 into $18K fast)

    Not only is the first post GOLD this little nugget is also GOLDEN. I have found it almost impossible to talk to a decision maker at a large company, and small business usually want to pinch pennies and not invest in themselves, but medium sized have the money and recognize spending in order to...

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