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  1. D.Davis

    LIT NOTES: 'Profit First' by Mike Michalowicz

    I've implemented this system and it works as expected. I bank with a Military bank, so I was able to implement this strategy without being hit with enormous fees or requirements. I encourage you to research your banking options- you might not be able to avoid fees completely but definitely find...
  2. D.Davis

    LIT NOTES: 'Profit First' by Mike Michalowicz

    No problem my brother! It will definitely change the way you look at accounting. The system is genius and foolproof.
  3. D.Davis

    LIT NOTES: 'Profit First' by Mike Michalowicz

    PROFIT FIRST Revenue Is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, and Cash is King. Take profit first, then grow. You must figure out the things that make profit and dump the things that don't. When you focus on profit first, you inevitably figure out how to make profit consistently. The Survival Trap...
  4. D.Davis

    EXECUTION "Put Down The FN Donuts!" (A Journey of Getting Healthy)

    Hey Chi! I mentoined you and your weight loss goal in a progress confrence that Stefan, Daniel, and I had yesterday. Looks like you are well on your way! Way to go brother!
  5. D.Davis

    The Tool + Trick That Helped Me Become A Millionaire

    First off, thanks for sharing your submission and advice! I understand the time it takes out of your day to create posts and share information. However, Im lost at the BS Instagress plug. You plug a service in that no longer exists, and cant offer alternatives? Whats the purpose? Are you the...
  6. D.Davis

    MEETUPS Fastlane Summit: Signed TMF/Unscripted Books

    Sorry for the late post, I hope I'm not too late. If not, then please make 1 TMF and 1 Unscripted out to 'Desni the Creative Genius' :) I will also take 2 TMF and 2 Unscripted, autographed but not made out to anyone for future gifting. Thanks!
  7. D.Davis

    HOT TOPIC 7 Years on this forum - The Fastlane Journey through Life - Final Post

    +1! I spent a week in Phucket in a nice resort, I was wasted every day from Sun up to Sun Down to Sun Up, I did almost every attraction there, bought too many items to bring back... and still some how managed to spend less than a month of my living expenses. And I dont really live a fancy...
  8. D.Davis

    EXECUTION [Progress] Robotics/STEM Product Development

    Sounds good! Glad you're enjoying it. Can't wait to see your product! I too am in this space and hope we aren't competitors (lol). If we are, cool, I look forward to navigating the challenges of a future booming industry with you! I will keep this short as I haven't released a full, marketable...
  9. D.Davis

    EXECUTION [Progress] Robotics/STEM Product Development

    Awesome!! Looking forward to hearing about your first bundle of units sold. Best wishes
  10. D.Davis

    MEETUPS Update: So, a few days ago I posted a thread to arrange a MasterMind that would meet remotely

    I think you should get your Rep$ up a little and try again after you've contributed to the forum. No offense brother, but a low-time contributor from Zimbabwe who made his first post on Saturday asking Copywriters to share tips on "how they made it", and wants to lead a "Mastermind" (I hate...
  11. D.Davis

    What is your Favourite Entrepreneur Movie

    Lord Of War!!
  12. D.Davis

    EXECUTION [Progress] Robotics/STEM Product Development

    Cool! I really think you'll enjoy the book. As far as other books to suggest as far as starting with E-Commerce and Marketing, I will only recommend a couple because once you read them you'll want to branch out to your own things. I started with "Will It Fly" by Pat Flynn, 1 Page Marketing Plan...
  13. D.Davis

    EXECUTION [Progress] Robotics/STEM Product Development

    I think you're off to a great start because I too share a few methods that you're using. I have 2 CR-10 S Max Printers enclosed in a custom designed 8020 enclosure with Space Heaters for ABS printing. I design in Fusion 360 and slice in CURA. I also have a CR-10 S for PLA printing. My...
  14. D.Davis

    INTRO Dreaming is good, but taking action is more important!

    Thats a great story man. I owe a great deal of respect for continuing the fight. 7 times of failure is enough to put most back into the "Rat Race". Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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