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  1. cautiouscapy

    Pandemic ideas uk

    Actually this reminds me of a conversation I was having about pubs and restaurants re-opening (if, when). Struck me that there might be a much larger market for surface cleaning and sanitization services and supplies than in the past. Is there any mileage in that for you? What other markets...
  2. cautiouscapy

    Pandemic ideas uk

    Hi Darren I'm UK-based too, and I am having the opposite extreme experience. (Explanation at the end of this post just for info) It's a shame you weren't setting up to cater food at festivals - local to me on the edge of Bournemouth/Poole, there are all sorts of new delivery services springing...
  3. cautiouscapy

    Firefighter/Entrepreneur seeking business ideas for off duty days

    I live in a rural area on the edge of a big city in England, and the chimney sweep I use is also a firefighter. It's definitely reassuring! What minivanman says, with big emphasis on the fact that the company founder is a firefighter.
  4. cautiouscapy

    Unconventional Ways to use Spare Bedroom to make money?

    Rent it out as an office, or a room for a counselor/therapist/massage therapist/beautician to work in by the hour. I've seen someone doing that in a town near me. If you make it day-time hours only, then let it overnight as well...(I'm joking about that but hey, make the most of it)...
  5. cautiouscapy

    23y/o, Chronically Ill, Want to Shoot Higher

    I'm a woman, just saying I like your niche idea and Johnny boy's program model or something similar. It's true that the relevant resources are scattered everywhere; I'm sure you can craft something out of this.
  6. cautiouscapy

    Best EMI's , Banks in EU?

    I'm in the UK. Another recommendation for Transferwise; I have $ and € accounts that work with my £ UK bank accounts. Why a UK Ltd company? (I have no recommendations, I used to contract under one in the UK but 2 decades ago when the tax loopholes made it a great way to get paid).
  7. cautiouscapy

    Is this the right place for me?

    I wonder if you can see possibilities in parts of the business model this hypnotherapist uses? It's not a perfect example for you, but she came into my mind. When I watch her talks, I WANT what she's offering...but she clearly only works one-to-one with the very...
  8. cautiouscapy

    Hello! Sam Russell - heavy metal guitarist

    No business advice, but listening to your links above, I can imagine you at those big European festivals. Watching with this thread with interest.
  9. cautiouscapy

    Biophase - 2018 Ecommerce/Amazon Business Coaching Program

    Javier Amazon across the whole European Marketplace has been good for me (though I only do it on a small scale, my choice). I learnt from someone running a course about the US marketplace so it would be worth you doing this.
  10. cautiouscapy

    Got $10K? Amazon Wants YOU to Deliver Packages

    Aware of this model too? This might be of interest to anyone needing extra money on the side very short term. I think it would be interesting doing a few "gigs" JUST FOR AN INSIGHT into this end of Amazon logistics. Horrible job, poor pay! Amazon Flex: Be Your Own Boss. Great Earnings...
  11. cautiouscapy

    How to lose a long term client in a matter of moments...

    Many years ago, before the UK banned smoking in restaurants and pubs, a friend and I had a lady blow cigarette smoke on the table next to us all through lunch. Being a little shy at the time we didn't ask her if she'd mind not smoking while we were eating. As we paid the bill, we discovered...
  12. cautiouscapy

    A word/thought association train...

  13. cautiouscapy

    AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen

    OK, listened to it. My own spin on the takeaways I got from this recording: Can’t make pretty web pages yourself? (My personal quickest potential win, looking up at the cliff-face of returning to coding-type stuff after many years away from it.) @Contrarian says that his web development...
  14. cautiouscapy

    AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen

    @Nicoknowsbest actually I haven't listened to this one yet:wideyed:...setting up some "manual" tasks to do while I listen.
  15. cautiouscapy

    AndyTalks with @Contrarian about starting his side hustle in local lead gen

    I find other people's takeaways can make me understand things I might not take in otherwise - adding value.

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