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  1. Byakko

    Finding local clients

    That's an Interesting approach. Do you suggest any threads or resources that might be helpful about how to do direct mail?
  2. Byakko

    Finding local clients

    Hello everyone, I've recently started my entrepreneurial journey. I'm a software engineer and I'm currently looking to use those skills to start my business. Since online platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, ...) are looking overly saturated, I'm currently betting on the local offline market. I've been...
  3. Byakko

    Am i throwing in the towel?

    I think I get your point. In my opinion you'll always have some kind of boss. The degree in which he has control over your life and how much attention he needs is what's going to change. Even if you'd do e-commerce out of amazon, you would still have bosses. They're called clients. And they have...
  4. Byakko

    Am i throwing in the towel?

    This reminded me of a quote I read somewhere not long ago. And it went something like this: "Give up when the prize you'll get if your endeavor succeeds, no longer has meaning to you. Keep going if you found a barrier that after having been overcome will get you closer to a goal that's...
  5. Byakko

    It's not your client job to know the solutions to his problems

    Yesterday I was thinking about some past interactions that I've had with clients, and an interesting memory came to my mind. This particular interaction happened about two months after I had started my first job as a software developer. At the time I was working with a client to develop a...
  6. Byakko

    O/T: HEALTH Please critique my exercise regimen

    Well... A lot has been said already and I agree with most of it. I specially agree with the part of a clean diet and strength training. Together with eating clean, you could try doing intermittent fasting. Might help you with weight loss and with other aspects of your health. Regarding...
  7. Byakko

    MARKETPLACE [The Path] Advanced Coaching for Entrepreneurs

    It's impossible to read this thread and not want to at least try this out. I'm joining!
  8. Byakko

    NOTABLE! The Definite Guide to Productized Services

    @UnrealCreative Scaling a service based company is a challenge I've been facing for sometime now. This thread might have given me some new ideas to work with. Thank you for this.
  9. Byakko

    Examples of small SaaS businesses?

    Checkout OpenALPR, basically they provide you a service to extract license plates from pictures. I`m not sure if this was made by only one person or not, but it could have been. Sent from my HUAWEI P7-L10 using Tapatalk
  10. Byakko

    A seemingly good way to invest in the music industry

    Hi guys, I just came across this An Alternative Investment That’s Music to Your Ears. I read a bit and watched their video, and it really looks like a good opportunity to make an investment. Since I'm not an US citizen I can't actually make this investment but I thought I would share this...
  11. Byakko

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    What about ripples guys? What's your opinion that ?
  12. Byakko

    Developing skills sales

    Hi guys! So I'm currently in a situation where I need to learn how to sell. I have never been in a position where I have to sell a product, so I'm a complete beginner. Where do you think I should start learning about it? Do you know any books or courses I should read/do? Or blogs I should...
  13. Byakko


    I've read Unscripted, awesome book! I'll definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to get free from 9 to 5 cycle.
  14. Byakko

    WEB/DIGITAL How does open source make money? (if it does)

    Did a quick scan through the contents, looks awesome! Thank you, I'll definitely read it!
  15. Byakko

    Learning economics

    The JRE podcast definitely has some interesting episodes. Loved the part where they talk about minimum wages. It's a shame almost no one thinks like this.

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