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    Leveraging An Audience - Business Ideas?

    Glad to hear you've got one going already! If you can get away with using MailChimp while it's free that's fine but eventually, I would suggest moving off MailChimp to something better. There's a lot of softwares out there, ActiveCampaign is a good one but do your own research. But you're...
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    Leveraging An Audience - Business Ideas?

    First, CONGRATS on such a solid channel, very admirable. But wow I'm a broken record in my responses but my first suggestion would be to start building an email list ASAP. Not 100% sure what kind of graphic design type videos, but I would assume you can create unique lead magnets based around...
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    Commandment of Control: Instagram kills Meme accounts, teen loses income overnight

    You're definitely right in a lot of ways. But for the sake of argument and a different perspective, I wanted to answer. You have to diversify. You can use these platforms to drive traffic/sales/whatever it may be, the big thing is not being entirely reliant on ONE thing. Also, building...
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    How would you build your email list fast IF YOU HAD TO...

    Another way may be to find other people that currently have an email list that contains your ideal customers. Partner with them, offer something valuable to them and/or their list, give them 80-90% affiliate commissions on your products, do JV partnerships, etc. This was an interesting Podcast...
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    Brand new forum - ideas for drawing in new members?

    So I first wanted to touch on this - you're right you don't own them. However you can require an email address entered to join (make it a private group) which then translates to an asset you DO own (an email list). This can then be used to promote the forum or whatever else. As you said, forums...
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    Facebook ada - how to properly split test?

    I wouldn't necessarily say that. If your CTR is absolute garbage and CPC is extremely high, it's okay to kill something after 2-3000 impressions. Typically means your audience match isn't a good fit or your creative just isn't cutting it. But I will agree that if your front-end metrics are good...
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    Facebook ada - how to properly split test?

    The things said above are true. Also, you want to look at what you're optimizing for in the campaign (and ad set). This can have a major impact on what you get. Secondly, start breaking down the data you've got from Facebook. Did people progress through the sales process or funnel? Check your...
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    Value for employees other than money

    So I will be the first to say, I don't have direct experience managing employees. However, one perspective I've heard (from Gary Vee) is simply... talking to employee's and finding out what they want. Maybe someone who used to just want to make money suddenly fell in love and now wants to leave...
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    How to Buy a New Tesla For $5000

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src=" View: " frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Saw this video awhile back, kind of similar to what you're saying
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    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    I didn't read through all this so if someone already posted this, my bad. Anyway, check out this article, based entirely on just the stats.. "Research: The Average Age of a Successful Startup Founder Is 45" Basically, the average age of the highest growth start-ups is around age 45. Tech...
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    NOTABLE! [GUIDE] Facebook Ads Made Simple (That Even Your Mom Can Understand) 2019 Edition

    Basically, to retarget, you have to put something called the "Facebook Pixel" into your website. It's a little snippet of code, provided by Facebook, that tracks users and what they're doing on your website. To get a Pixel, you have to create what's called a "Business Manager" account. It's...
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    NOTABLE! [GUIDE] Facebook Ads Made Simple (That Even Your Mom Can Understand) 2019 Edition

    Correct, it won't matter. Audience overlap matters when they're in separate ad sets because then the ads are technically competing against one another in the auction (if the budget is large and or the audience is small).
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    INTRO Getting out of the affiliate trap - From Spain :)

    First off, congrats on your success! But I wanted to jump in here on this part. Have you started creating an email list? If you haven't, you definitely should. Leverage your YouTube channel and website and start using those to actually collect emails of people that are consuming your content...
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    INTRO Born in the Fastlane

    I don't think you have to be missing your "hero's journey". Just because it isn't the typical journey we face, it doesn't mean it doesn't resonate w/ others who have had similar experiences. By the sounds of it, you're struggling with your "why". I think you mentioned it earlier, that it you'd...
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    Which option is better?

    I'd go second option, for what it's worth (I'm a random 23 year old on an internet forum sooo...) My reasoning though? The WORST that happens is your business fails, you make no money, and you're forced to... go back to option 1. Oh no, back at square 1. Additionally, i feel the amount you'd...
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